Celebrate Yourself to Build Healthy Habits

Dear ZooFit readers,

Since I’ve been pretty busy with ZooFit Safari, I asked a fellow Optimize Coach to help a sister out. Thankfully, Chris Loper, creator of happily obliged. Chris is a behavior change specialist, and wrote an article connecting animal training practices with building healthy habits for ourselves. I thoroughly enjoy his writing, and I know you will find it insightful, too.

Enjoy Chris’ work, and visit him on his site as well.

PJ Beaven

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Zoo-notable: Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being coached not once, but twice by Hal Elrod this past year. But before I even knew who Hal Elrod was, I listened to a Philosopher Note ( on his book Miracle Morning. I distinctly remember listening to it on my way to a Memoir Writing Group, because his story resonated so deeply with me. Hal was on his way to becoming a huge mega-salesperson with Cutco at the ripe age of 21 when he was hit head-on and literally died. He was dead for 6 minutes and brought back, only to be told by doctors he would likely never walk again. Hal had permanent brain damage and broke nearly every bone in his body.

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Going Back to Kindergarten: Start Again Without Starting Over

Let me tell you how rocky last month was for me. Late nights, uncontrollable snacking, lack of motivation to do my exercises, and lack of focus during my meditation. I felt I was on a downward spiral. So what did I do to turn it around? A little practice called “going back to kindergarten”.

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Zoo-notable: A Year of Living Kindly

Attending the Pacific Northwest Writers Association last year provided me the opportunity to meet a wonderful author by the name of Donna Cameron. We were paired up in an ice-breaker activity and we discussed, of course, our writing. I shared about my work in progress, and she shared her experience with her first published book, A Year of Living Kindly.

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What Can I Do About the Wildfires?

I have to admit, I am beginning to feel a little like a broken record. Last year at this time, we were concerned about the Amazon rainforest fires. In January, we were hit again with the tragedy unfolding in Australia and the wildfires devastating the country. And now, with wildfires devastating the state of California and poor air quality crossing international lines, we find ourselves asking, one more time, “What can I do about the wildfires?”.

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Fandom Fitness Friday: Pokemon

Today is one of those rare days where I get to mash together several of my geeky passions- animals, fandoms, conserving resources, and fitness. It’s National Wildlife Day, so I decided to celebrate with a fandom known for its…wildlife? Sorta. Rare and unusual animals to say the least. Today we’re celebrating Fandom Fitness Friday with a special Pokemon workout.

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Fandom Fitness Friday- Anne of Green Gables Mobility

August is Back-to-School month, and I wanted to celebrate with a special Fandom Fitness Friday. One of my favorite books growing up was Anne of Green Gables. The story of a young orphan who comes to Avonlea and embarks on many adventures with her classmates is perfect this time of year. And the Anne of Green Gables mobility workout is perfect for this school year in particular.

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