ZooFit Workout of the Day- 9/26/19: Just One More

The original title for this style of workout is called “Death By”. It’s a type of EMOM (meaning Every Minute on the Minute) where you add a rep of an exercise each minute. Continue adding each minute until you can’t finish the number of reps in a minute, or “until you die”.

Just One More won’t make you die. Neither will Death By, but I appreciate the positive image of JOM. We can always try for Just. One. More.

Set a timer to go off every minute for 15 minutes. Starting with the first exercise, and only the first exercise, do one repetition within one minute. Rest the remainder of the minute. Easy peasy, right? When the timer goes off and the second minute starts counting down, increase the exercise rep count to 2. For the next minute, do 3 reps. Continue adding one rep each minute, until you reach 15 minutes or you cannot complete the required number of repetitions within a given minute.

When you complete your set for the first exercise, restart your timer and repeat the process for the second exercise. If you are hard-core and want to work your butt even more, I’ll give you a 3rd exercise to try.

Just One More Exercise 1: Inchworms

Just One More Exercise 2: Shuttle sprints (50 feet)

Just One More Bonus Exercise: Dragonflies

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