ZooFit Workout of the Day (9/12/19): Conservation Hero- Roz Sealy

I created the Conservation Hero WODs as a way to pay tribute to friends and mentors in the field of conservation. One of those friends and mentors was Roz Sealy, from Woodland Park Zoo.

To list all Roz’s accomplishments would take too long. To say she was passionate about animals is a gross understatement. Roz developed many enrichment projects and helped dozens of zookeepers grow in their field. She was an avid photographer, using her photos to fund conservation projects such as the Trumpeter Swan Society, Farming for Wildlife, and many other local conservation groups.

Roz was very active in the Puget sound Chapter of the American Association of Zookeepers. Demonstrating enthusiasm and sincere commitment to animal care and welfare, Roz was a great mentor. She is greatly missed by all who knew her.

Roz worked with many different animals, but one of her specialties was birds. So, this Conservation Hero WOD focuses on quite a few bird-related exercises. But Roz was also the coordinator of the Species Survival Plan for wallaroos, a marsupial which looks a lot like a small kangaroo. Demonstrations are provided in the links.

Roz Sealy

5 Rounds (for time, if you want to score yourself)

Completing all the reps of all the exercises is one round.


Kangaroo Jumps- simply lessen the stride of your jump.

Peacock Jacks- instead of jumping, step one foot out at a time, but keep the hand motion full

Flamingo Squats- I found by crossing one leg over the other, it makes sitting down on one leg exponentially easier. Also make it easier by sitting down with one leg, but allowing yourself to stand on both. To increase intensity: sit and stand on one leg or remove the bench or chair and squat on one foot. This takes a lot of core strength, flexibility, and stability.



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  1. I look forward to the workout! It was fun to see our videos of those exercises, after seeing those I really think we can get you on youtube with some Zoofit workout vids! 🙂

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