ZooFit Workout of the Day: 9/10/19

I’m trying something new this month and attempting to post original workouts for my followers. Every Tuesday and Thursday check your inbox or follow me on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/earthfitnow/

I’m also working on ZooFit being more present online, so these workouts may make it on YouTube or Instagram. Hopefully.

ZooFit is about making fitness fun and engaging. While I like to push my clients and classes, I instill a positive element. So, modify however you need. I love burpees, but if you aren’t ready for full-on burpees, then you can do it against a bench, a wall, or walk your legs down rather than hopping or jumping.

Burpee 101

Today’s workout is all about them Bee’s!

If you need a reminder of what a burpee is: Fall onto your face, then jump right back up.

Just kidding.  Reach down to touch the floor with both hands. Jump or step back into a plank position. Lower yourself to the floor all the way (you can totally collapse, that’s what most people do anyways). Push off the ground, jump or step your feet back to your hands. From a squat, either jump up into the air, or stand up and clap hands over your head.

I love burpees, because if you get good at them, you can trip and fall in public, and just complete the burpee. No one will ever know…

Burpee EMOM

EMOM means every minute on the minute. So, set a timer to go off every minute for 20 minutes.

At the start of every minute, beginners do 1 burpee, intermediate level does 3 burpees, and advanced ZooFitters bust out 5 burpees.

The remainder of each minute has a different exercise.

  1. (Warm-up) Jumping Jacks (modify by stepping one foot out at a time rather than jumping both feet out)
  2. (Warm-up) Giraffe Reach-downs
  3. (Warm-up) Elephants Can’t Jump
  4. (Warm-up) Glute Bridge
  5. Air Squats (you can squat to a chair, bench, or box, if needed)
  6. Mountain Climbers (again, you can do this against a chair, bench, or box, if needed)
  7. Inchworms
  8. Sit-ups (can modify to a crunch- lifting just your shoulders off the ground)
  9. Zebra Kicks
  10. Tri-cep Push-up- Keep your elbows as close to your ribs as possible during this movement. Modify onto your knees, or against a bench, or even a wall- but keep those elbows IN TIGHT.
  11. Air Squats
  12. Mountain Climbers
  13. Inchworms
  14. Sit-ups
  15. Zebra Kicks
  16. Tri-cep Push-ups
  17. (Cool Down) Crane Lifts (Single Leg Deadlift)
  18. (Cool Down) Bird-Dog 
  19. (Cool Down) Arm stretch- Across Body (Bird Preen Stretch)
  20. (Cool Down) Cat-Cow

Still do burpees for your warm-ups and cool down intervals. But, if you are doing advanced and you want to take it down to 1-3 burpees, that’s totally fine.

The end of the workout, you will do 20 burpees if you are beginner, 60 for intermediate, and 100! burpees for advanced.

*You can totally make up your own exercises, too. I’m all about making fitness fun, and if you can’t stand squats, it’s not as much fun. So, change things up to make this workout your own. You can also remove the warm-up and cool-down sessions and just do the 6 exercises 3 times to make 18 rounds.

Leave a comment here or on Facebook about how you did, and your thoughts on the Burpee EMOM. Take care! And remember to come back Thursday for another ZooFit Workout of the Day!

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  1. A good workout with lots of variation, I didn’t have time to get bored! It was also more difficult than I thought it would be. I also like how easy it is to scale up or down.

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