ZooFit Workout of the Day- 2/27/20: Love Your Pet

Last week, I felt I had an inner conflict for which workout to post for 2/20. Steve Irwin, whose birthday was February 22nd, or a pet-themed workout. Last Thursday was actually Love Your Pet Day, and I thought it could be a lot of fun to do a workout centered around your pet.

But just because it was a week ago doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate our pets and fitness this week. So, today, grab your leash, or set up your living room to play with your cat. Have some fun, love your pets, and be the best version of yourself FOR your pets.


Because you can’t take great care of your animals until you take care of yourself.

Today, I have a double-whammy. One workout for those with dogs, or pets they can take on walks (I’d love to walk my cats, but I don’t think we’d get very far- The Kid acts like he’s paralyzed if you put a collar around his neck). Another for indoor critters.

Take a Walk


Grab your leash and your eager workout buddy. You can do your normal walk route, or try something new and different. This workout is more of a game, trying to see how many movements you can practice within your short walk.

  • 5 air squats every time your pup smells his/her pee-mail
  • 5 jumping jacks every time he/she leaves a pee-mail
  • 5 incline push-ups at every bench you pass
  • 5 hi-knees (each side) at every intersection
  • 5 mountain climbers (each side) every time you turn a corner
  • 5 shoulder-tap planks (each side) every time you cross a street
  • 5 butt-kickers (each side) every time you see another person
  • 5 skull-crushers for every non-dog mammal that crosses your path (squirrels, rabbits, deer, cats)
  • 5 Crane Deadlifts (each side) for each bird you see on your walk (not hear, or that you have to look way up high- but gulls, crows, robins looking for food, etc)
  • 5 burpees (not necessarily right away) whenever you see another dog

If it’s too hard to do a certain exercise and maintain supervision of your dog, modify or switch up exercises to your liking. Again, the point is to have fun with Fido, not struggle and create frustration. Make it your own game, create your own “rules” and get in shape with your best workout buddy.

Earn Your Snuggles

So, you don’t have a walking pet? That’s okay, you can still do a fun workout to honor your snuggle monster (and yes, I’m including reptiles, birds, and other pets in this snuggle category).

4 rounds of this quick set of exercises. Between each round, rest for 1 minute by snuggling, hugging, or petting your favorite animal companion.

  • 10 Cat-Stretch Push-ups
  • 10 Flyaways
  • 10 Release the Beasts
  • 10 Hamster/gerbil Rolls
  • 10 Slithering Snakes

Our pets bring us so much happiness and joy. Celebrate them today, and every day, by being the person they already know you are. Shine bright, and train positive.


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