ZooFit Workout of the Day- 10/8/19: World Octopus Day

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I have this awesome calendar I picked up from the AAZK conference. It’s from Peppermint Narwhal, and if you’ve never heard of it, you need to stop what you’re doing and check them out. Brian and Amy, the faces behind Peppermint Narwhal, are geniuses! The calendar has all the days of the year where an animal is celebrated. This is how I knew it was Hummingbird Day on Thursday, and how I discovered 10/8 is World Octopus Day.

I’m not quite sure why August 8th isn’t Octopus Day, but it doesn’t matter. We get to celebrate this day together with ZooFit. Today, I’m scheduling a special Conservation Hero WOD- Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso.

Jacques Cousteau was a hero of mine growing up (it may have also had something to do with me loving John Denver, too, and the song Calypso). So, when I started creating Conservation Hero WODs, Cousteau was a no-brainer. Without Cousteau, we may not have the modern SCUBA equipment today, nor the diving technology. He opened up the hidden world of the ocean like no one else has. So we honor him today on World Octopus Day with the Calypso.


5 Rounds for time. Each round, increase the rep count by 10.

Round 1:

  • 10 Aquarist Kicks
  • 10 Dolphin Jumps
  • 10 Stingray Shuffles– Modification for those without access to bands- simply perform a lateral side-step. Lead with your heel to maintain glute activation. Keep foot pointed straight out for better activation, as well (this is easier to do when you lead with your heel).

  • 10 Rising Tide Planks
  • 10 Dips- With your back against the seat of a chair or bench, press your hands into the edge and lower yourself down to the ground. Keep your shoulders engaged and your tailbone as close to the bench as possible. The closer your legs are to your body, the easier this exercise becomes. The straighter your legs, the more challenging it will be. Once lowered to the ground, press yourself back up, using your legs only if you absolutely need to.

Round 2: 20 reps of each exercise

Round 3: 30 reps

Round 4: 40 reps

Round 5: 50 reps



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