ZooFit Workout of the Day- 11/5/19: Burpees 4 Fun

In addition to Novemburpee, I’ve been on a journey to do more burpees every day. Starting with 1 on August 31, I’ve increased by one every day since. As of today, I am up to 67. My goal is to go to 111 (I go to 11). I started the challenge by doing the burpees all in a row. Now, I have started breaking them up, unless I incorporate them into a workout.

So, that’s what I’m going to do today. This workout will give you 50 burpees, but really, who’s counting (I am, I know I am)?

Remember, you can always modify as you need to. Full burpees are placing your hands on the ground, jumping back into a plank, lowering yourself to the ground, pushing up back into a plank,  jumping your feet back to your hands, and jumping up. And breathe.

If you need to modify, take out any and all jumps. Step back into plank, step back up to your hands, and them stand up, clapping your hands above your head. If that is still too much for you, do a burpee against a bench, or table. Place hands on the edge, step back into a plank, do a half push-up, and then step back in. Voila! You, my friend, are doing a burpee.

Since no one wants to do 50 burpees in a row, EVER, I’m breaking up the repetitions with other exercises. Always modify to what feels right for you in any given moment.


This number sequence is your rep count for each exercise in the workout. Yeah, other facilities may do a 21-15-9, but really, why not just round up to 50? Do 25 reps of the first exercise, 25 of the second, and 25 of the third. Rest if you need it, then hop back in to do 15 repetitions of each exercise. Rest, or jump right into the last set of 10 reps of each exercise.

It really does get easier each round. I promise. Ten burpees is always easier than 25.

Your exercises for today’s ZooFit WOD are:

  • Burpees (please hold back your gasps of shock, I know you saw this coming)
  • Sea Star Crunches– lay on your back, lift opposite arm and leg up and meet in the middle. Switch sides.
  • Ostrich Pike Push-ups: This exercise does require your head to go lower than your heart. In a standing position, place your hands on the ground. Slightly bending your knees for support, bend your elbows so your head touches or comes close to the ground.

And that’s it. Easy-peasy. After the Dirty Dozen Dirty Thirty, I’m sure you are grateful for the small reprieve, even if you still did 50 burpees. But think about it! YOU JUST DID FIFTY BURPEES!!! You get a GOLD STAR! And a hi-five.

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