ZooFit Workout of the Day- 1/9/20: For the Birds

This past Sunday was National Bird Day. That includes all birds, even those with their own special day later in the month, or the year. Friday the 10th of January is Save the Eagles Day, while January 20th is Penguin Awareness Day.

Birds are pretty prominent in ZooFit. In fact, the unofficial animal of ZooFit is the teal, a small waterfowl, which is also the official color of ZooFit, as it combines green (earth) and blue (ocean). Another prominent bird in ZooFit lore is the Hummingbird, which does not have a corresponding exercise, but reminds us to always “do what we can”.

So, gather your flock, ruffle some feathers, and spread your wings to fly high and celebrate birds with this special ZooFit workout.

For the Birds

There are two rep counts for the workout. The first number is recommended for beginners, and the number following the slash is recommended for advanced.

Round 1: 20 Forward Raptor Keeper Walks

Rest 2 minutes, then

Round 2: 20 Backward Raptor Keeper Walks


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  1. As you know, I love birds. What a gift to see them at the feeders! And thanks for the reminder of recognizing these amazing creatures.

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