ZooFit Workout- November 12: Orangutan Care and Awareness Week

November 10-16 is Orangutan Caring Week, a whole week dedicated to the gentle giants of the Asian rainforests. Orangutans deserve a whole week, as their numbers are plummeting more each year.

In the last decade, orangutan populations have declined by more than 50%. The number one culprit is deforestation, mainly logging to clear land for oil palm plantations. So, orangutans definitely need more awareness brought to their plight. Learning ways we can consume palm oil sustainably (because completely avoiding it is virtually impossible) is vital if we want to keep these creatures around for future generations. Orangutans are also a keystone species in the Asian rainforests. Losing them would be detrimental to the whole ecosystem.

While I don’t have a specific workout dedicated to orangutans, I did research and discover a new exercise which is perfect for today, and will improve your mobility. So, I felt it was the appropriate time to create an Orangutan Workout.

I Wanna Be Like You-u-u

This workout is in a style known in CrossFit as Fight Gone Bad. This is a circuit workout, repeated three times. When you complete the circuit of 5 exercises, rest one full minute and then go through the circuit a second, and then a third time. Try to beat your score each round.

3 Rounds- 1 minute at each station, then rest a full minute before repeating circuit.

1. Oil Palm Tree T-Twist Planks: Start in a plank position. Tighten core and bring stomach in, while also maintaining a straight back. Lift your right arm and reach over to the left side, then open up to the right side, stretching your right arm up to the sky. Shift weight in feet from a forward plank to a side plank, but only for a moment. Bring arm down, and shift weight back to a straight arm plank. Repeat with your left arm. First stretch it across to the right side, then open up to the left side of the body in a side plank.


2. Orangutan Crawl: This exercise is incredible. I’m really sorry I haven’t discovered it before now. Watch the video for a greater description, but basically start in a standing position. Bring your hands to the ground, off to your far right side. Place your weight into your hands and jump or hop your feet to the right side of your hands. You will move laterally with this exercise. Do reps from one side of the room to the other and then go the other direction.

3. Sustainability Sit-ups: Sit with feet touching and knees pointed out away from each other. Lower your torso to the floor. Touch the ground over your head and then propel yourself back to a sitting position using your core. Touch your toes and then lower back down.

4. Orangutan (Gorilla) Lunges: Start in a standing position, step one leg forward to a lunge and bring both arms over head in swinging motion. When performing a lunge, be careful to not let the knee come over your toes. If your knee comes over the toe too much, try taking a larger step forward, or modify by stepping backward to maintain good form and relieve pressure on the knee.

5. Orangutan Sitting Swing: (Table Lift): Start in a tabletop position (inverted plank- lay on your back and press up into a bridge). Lower your hips and straighten your legs so your hips are hovering above the floor. Flow back to the tabletop position to complete one rep.

6. Rest


Walk, act, and exercise like an orangutan. Then use your energy to do something good for yourself and orangutans.

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