ZooFit WOD- November 14: Game of Thrones Fandom Fitness

Winter is Coming. For all the fans of the HBO hit show, Game of Thrones, the end of such an epic story was bittersweet.

But now, now my friends, you can live the adventure again, with ZooFit’s Fandom Fitness! (I totally sound like an infomercial host in my head) Seriously, whether you were team Stark or Daenerys, or even team Lannister (frankly, Tyrion was my favorite character), put down your goblet, because this is the perfect workout for you.

This workout is inspired by the original series title- A Song of Ice and Fire

The style of workout is called an Escalator.  One exercise goes down in repetitions each round, the other goes up. Like two escalators passing in the night…

  • 10 Ice Walker Inchworms, 1 Fire Dragonfly
  • 9 Ice Walker Inchworms, 2 Fire Dragonflies
  • 8 Ice Walker Inchworms, 3 Fire Dragonflies
  • 7 Ice Walker Inchworms, 4 Fire Dragonflies
  • 6 Ice Walker Inchworms, 5 Fire Dragonflies
  • 5 Ice Walker Inchworms, 6 Fire Dragonflies
  • 4 Ice Walker Inchworms, 7 Fire Dragonflies
  • 3 Ice Walker Inchworms, 8 Fire Dragonflies
  • 2 Ice Walker Inchworms, 9 Fire Dragonflies
  • 1 Ice Walker Inchworm, 10 Fire Dragonflies

Ice Walker Inchworms: Start in standing position. Lean down, keeping legs straight (will help stretch out hamstrings) and place hands on ground, getting in a pike position. Walk your hands out to reach a plank/push-up position. Do a push-up and then return to standing position in same manner as you reached push-up position, walking your hands back to your feet and standing up.

Fire Dragonflies: Lay on your back, legs straight. You may want to have a weighted anchor (medicine ball or heavy dumbbell), or a pole, tree, or implanted object to hold onto. Lift your legs overhead and as far back toward the pole, weight, or ground as possible. Slowly, return legs to the ground, but releasing one vertebrate at a time to the ground. Keep a tight core throughout movement, trying to bring your belly to the floor.

The television series may be over, but the fandom lives on in our hearts, and in our workouts…

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