ZooFit WOD- December 26: Boxing Day

You know, for someone who would love to move to Canada, I am sorely uninformed in Canadian customs. IĀ heardĀ of Boxing Day and I honestly thought it might have something to do with the sport. That’s where my mind went. Kind of like the idea of Black Friday, but instead of buying gifts, we were buying…well, gifts.

But of COURSE Boxing Day isn’t about hitting others. For crying out loud, it’s Canada!

So, for those of you who are as ignorant as I am, Boxing Day has absolutely nothing to do with punching others. It’s the day after Christmas, and the traditional day where you donate to charities (originally started as the alms box for the poor), and the day where you give an extra bonus to those who serve us throughout the year- our hair stylist, massage therapist, physical therapist, etc. Again, the origin of Boxing Day was giving a Christmas Box to your serving staff.

Originally, Boxing Day was celebrated as the Feast of St. Stephen. You know, the Good King Wesceslas? On the feast of Stephen? That’s technically not a Christmas carol, it’s a Boxing Day ballad.

So, in an effort to celebrate the spirit of the season, and maybe even to start new traditions in my family, I’m putting together the first Boxing Day workout. Coming up with as many Box (or step) exercises was challenging, but if there is a challenge I deeply appreciate, it’s coming up with creative workouts and exercises.

To really commensurate my original, and hilarious interpretation of Boxing Day, I’m putting together a circuit workout sometimes referred as “Fight Gone Bad” in CrossFit. This is three rounds of five exercises, performing as many repetitions as possible in a minute before moving to the next movement. You get a full minute rest after the five exercises are complete before you repeat the circuit a second and third time.

Boxing Day Gone Good

3 Rounds- 1 minute at each station

  1. Feast of Stephen Skaters (not on the box)
  2. Charity Box Calf Raises
  3. Christmas Box Curtsy Lunges
  4. Shopping Box Squats
  5. Boxing Day Jumps
  6. REST

If you would like to repeat this workout each year, then keep count of your total number of repetitions. Try to beat your score each round, and whenever you repeat this workout, try to beat your highest scoring round. If you are feeling extra generous in your workout, feel free to complete a fourth round.

Have a wonderful Boxing Day, and a happy holiday season. Live Merry and Bright!

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