ZooFit WOD- December 19: Hanukkah “Eight Crazy Nights”

Okay, a quick moment of truth here: I am not Jewish, nor really all that knowledgable about Judaism. But ZooFit is for everyone, not just those who celebrate Christmas. This holiday season, I want to include everyone, so I created my first every Hanukkah workout.


Eight Crazy Nights

Most of what I do know about The Festival of Lights is from the (very old, I’m totally aging myself) Saturday Night Live skit with Adam Sandler when he sang the Hanukkah Song. “Instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights” is his line.

This workout is a different type of rep count than most of my others. Start with 1 rep of exercise 1. Next you do 2 of exercise 2 and 1 of exercise 1. Then 3 of exercise 3, 2 of #2, and 1 of #1. After that, 4 of exercise 4, 3 of #3, 2 of #2, and 1 of #1. All the way until your final round you do 8 of exercise 8, and all the way back down to 1 of exercise 1.

  1. 1 Zoo-maker
  2. 2 Inchworms (then 1 zoo-maker)
  3. 3 Lunges, each side (then 2 inchworms, and 1 zoo-maker)
  4. 4 Kangaroo Jumps (then 3 lunges on each side, 2 inchworms, and 1 zoo-maker)
  5. 5 Burpees (then 4 kangaroo jumps, 3…, and 1 zoo-maker)- make them fun! You’ll have 4 rounds of these, so why not try 4 variations of burpees?
  6. 6 Pike Push-ups (then 5 burpees, 4…, and 1 zoo-maker)
  7. 7 V-ups (then 6 pike push-ups, 5…, and 1 zoo-maker)
  8. 8 Giraffe Reach-downs, each side (then 7 v-ups, 6…, and 1 zoo-maker)

Let me know what you think about my very first Hanukkah workout in the comments! Looking forward to a happy and healthy holiday for everyone! Mazel Tov!

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