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For some reason, when I think of the holidays, I think of Mickey Mouse and Disney World. Well, it’s not the oddest idea. Most of my childhood, from about 8-years-old until I was in my teens, I spent the first weekend in December at Disney World in Orlando with my mom. We didn’t JUST do Disney, my first and foremost love was actually SeaWorld, but we always got to Disney just as they were putting up their holiday decorations. So, for me, the holidays became sorta synonymous with Disney.

As we are right smack in the middle of the holiday season, I thought it might be fun to share a new Fandom Fitness workout I created to honor the one who started it all.

It Started with A Mouse

This is a Fate of the Die Workout. You will need a die, and a timer. Fate of the Die usually consists of 6 exercises, which, as luck would have it, is how many letters there are in the most famous mouse’s name. So, each exercise starts with a letter in Mickey’s name. M= Man-makers, I= Inchworms, C= crunches, K= Kick Thrus, E= Everest Climbers, Y= Yoga Stretch (Cat/cow).

Set a Timer for 20 minutes. Roll the die to determine your exercise. No matter what exercise you roll, the repetition count will be 5. Continue rolling and doing determined exercises until timer goes off.

Man-makers: If you want to do this without weight, here’s my modification: From a standing position, place hands on ground and jump both feet back to a plank. Raise one hand and tap opposite shoulder. Place it back on the ground. Do a push-up. Repeat with opposite hand. Do another push-up. Keep core tight and hips stable. Jump your feet back to your hands, squat and then jump to stand.

InchwormBend down to touch ground, walk hands out to a plank and walk back up, keeping legs straight and knees soft.

CrunchesLay on your back, with knees bent. Place your hands behind your head, pushing your head into your hands and your hands into your head. This stabilizes your head and keeps you from straining your neck. Crunch up with your abdomen until your shoulders are off the floor, but not up all the way in a sit-up.

Kick-Thrus (each side): From all 4, lift knees just barely off ground. Lift one hand to the sky, and kick opposite leg across , twisting your entire body toward the direction you are kicking. Return to start and repeat on other side.

Everest Climbers( each side): From a plank, bring one foot all the way up beside your hand. As you return it back to plank, propel the other foot all the way up to your hand.

Yoga Stretch: Cat Cow– Start on all fours. To do “cat”, arch your back toward the ceiling and carve in your stomach. Press your hands into the ground, keeping your shoulders engaged. Tuck your head in toward your neck. Transfer to “cow” by slowly bringing your spine to neutral and shifting to caving it in, sticking your butt up. Raise your head up and look up at the ceiling/sky.


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