ZooFit WOD- 9/19/19 – Alice in Wonderland

Carrying on with my literary theme, let’s explore a new idea to ZooFit- Fandom Fitness.

Fandom Fitness doesn’t seem super related to ZooFit at first glance. I mean what does nerdy geeky stuff have to do with ZooFit. But when you consider the enrichment possibilities, it makes sense. Today’s workout is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. It features a deck of cards, but unlike most deck of card workouts, this one has a few twists and turns.

We’re All Mad Here

Use a full deck of cards (including the jokers), and assign an exercise to each suit.

Hearts: Cardio (burpees, shuttle sprints, mountain climbers, etc)

Diamonds: Core (sit-ups, v-ups, crunches, upside-down beetles, etc)

Spades: Lower body (squats, skaters, glute bridge, lunges, etc)

Clubs: Upper body/arms (skull-crushers, push-ups, renegade rows, etc)

So, here’s where it gets fun.

2-10 are the number of repetitions

Jacks- skip the next card

Queens- Double the next card

Kings- Repeat last card

Ace- 30 second break

Joker: 50 Jabberwock Jacks ( like the peacock jacks, just scarier)

Queen of Hearts Rule: if you draw the Queen of Hearts, draw your next card. If it is another Hearts, do the exercise as prescribed. However, if it is any other suit, it’s Off With Their Heads. Do the exercise for as many reps as possible in 1 minute.

So, for instance, let’s say you chose burpees for hearts, v-ups for diamonds. You draw the Queen of Hearts and then the next card. If it’s a heart card (2-10), do the regular double amount of burpees as prescribed by a Queen. If it’s a diamond (in this instance), you would do as many v-ups as possible in one minute.

Let’s get physical and nerdy at the same time. Have fun, and don’t take yourself too seriously.


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