ZooFit WOD- 11/28/19: Thanksgiving Countdown

If you think Thanksgiving is just about stuffing your face and falling into a deep food coma, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s about working out EXTRA hard to EARN that deep food coma!

So, today’s workout is a bit of a doozie. I recommend doing this BEFORE you’ve eaten. Just a small warning.

You will need some equipment. A medicine ball, dumbbells, or a slightly thawed turkey will work fine. It is also recommended you do this workout where you have room to run, or at least where you have a good distance mapped out.

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Start with 10 reps of Thanksgiving Thrusters followed by a long run- one lap around your block (not just your house), a lap around the track field, a quarter mile on the treadmill or elliptical, or 500 meters on a rower. Then repeat the process, going down a rep each round with thrusters, but staying the same with your distance run.

  • 10 Thanksgiving Thrusters, 1 lap (run,
  • 9 Thanksgiving Thrusters, 1 lap
  • 8 Thanksgiving Thrusters, 1 lap
  • 7 Thanksgiving Thrusters, 1 lap
  • 6 Thanksgiving Thrusters, 1 lap
  • 5 Thanksgiving Thrusters, 1 lap
  • 4 Thanksgiving Thrusters, 1 lap
  • 3 Thanksgiving Thrusters, 1 lap
  • 2 Thanksgiving Thrusters, 1 lap
  • 1 Thanksgiving Thruster, 1 lap

Oh, right. What’s a Thanksgiving Thruster? I’m so glad you asked. Using either dumbbells or a medicine ball, a thruster is a front squat into a push press.

1. Start in a standing position and weight in a front rack. For dumbbells, you will have a weight in each hand and they will be at your shoulders. For a medicine ball, you will hold the ball with both hands, positioned in front of your chest.

2. Perform a squat, with the ball or weights still in the front rack position. Keep most of your weight in your heel, drive the knees out and keep your chest up.

3. Finish the repetition by standing up and pressing the ball or weights overhead, in a push press. Keep your core tight and body straight. Return to the front rack position to set up for the next rep.

After this workout, you will be more than ready for Thanksgiving. At least they aren’t burpees. Speaking of which, I still have my 42 Thanksgiving Burpees to complete. Have a great Tofurkey Day.

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