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Wow, what a month!

ZooFit officially moved to Blaine, Washington on August 4th. On August 5th, I received a very special package (back on Whidbey Island). Our proof copy of ZooFit Safari looked amazing. UH-MAZE-ING! It was time to order my author copies.

It’s Here

Amazon is funny. When I ordered, the website informed me shipping at the regular rate meant I’d receive my books between August 14-19. Considering we were leaving at the crack of dawn on the 16th for AAZK, I kinda wanted them before. So I signed up for 2-day shipping, which promised to deliver the books by August 14th.

On August 8th, I received a second very special package, this time on our doorstep of our new home. A week early is better than a week late. I would have my new book for the zookeeper conference as my official launch date.

Bringing It Full Circle

This is a big deal, launching my book at a zookeeper conference. ZooFit wouldn’t exist without all the influences over the years from other animal professionals. Before starting ZooFit, I was a zookeeper and animal care specialist. I worked with dolphins, polar bears, sea otters, penguins, reptiles, and elephants.


During that time, I got heavily involved in the American Association of Zookeepers. I joined the Behavioral Husbandry Committee, served vice-president of my AAZK chapter for a year, organized Bowling for Rhinos, National Zookeeper Week activities, helped with the Holiday Auction (and spent entire paychecks at Holiday Auctions), and attended the conference numerous times, presenting at every single one. There has never been a conference where I haven’t presented in some capacity.

I dialed back my involvement when I started ZooFit. But I have always wanted to share with AAZK a strong token of appreciation. My next book I’m working on (Positive Reinforcement is Not a Burger After the Gym) is dedicated to AAZK.

An Adventure Like No Other

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The new book, ZooFit Safari, is so amazing. This is saying something because normally when an author gets to this stage of their book being published, if they hear so much as a hint of their title, they go all HULK SMASH.

ZooFit Safari is a five-week adventure to discover your perfect fitness program. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on dozens of diet books or fitness challenges which end up not working, or make you miserable, Safari lets you experience several eating lifestyles, exercise routines, and healthy habits. And then, at the end of it all, YOU decide which one is right for you.

There is no “The Way” for fitness. Each person is different. So Safari is set up to help you become the best version of yourself through our Big Five- nutrition, exercise, wellness, healthy habits, and conservation.

Conservation is key with ZooFit. What we eat, how we move, and taking care of ourselves matters. Not JUST to ourselves, but the community, and the entire planet. I teach you how to eat clean, live green, and train positive, giving you the tools to connect to the earth in a healthy way, and achieve fitness success.

I can’t recommend this book enough. If you have ever wondered which diet is best for you, which workout program should you try, which habit will give you the most bang for your buck, ZooFit Safari is perfect for you.

ZooFit Safari is available now at Amazon.com. You can order a print copy, or an e-book copy. It is also available this week (August 19-23, 2019) at the AAZK conference in Indianapolis. And will be available soon at Village Books in Bellingham, WA. Get your copy today!

What are you waiting for? GO!

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  1. Wonderful news! Couldn’t be happier or prouder.Keeo on doing what you do …showing others a better way.

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