Winter’s Break is OVER!!!

I am ending my hiatus officially tonight.  Oh, my excuses for not writing were long and vast, some were even mildly legit.  But let’s be honest- I could have easily gotten even a hundred word blog to simply state how I’m doing and WHAT I’m doing.  But sometimes life happens.

Let’s just say I was on Winter Break.

So, what did I do during my Winter Break?

635850287877534468-793479314_Eat netflix marathon sleep repeat

Pretty nice, huh?  It’s not all I did.  I went home to South Carolina and visited my family for Christmas.  I came home and got stupid sick, which lasted almost 3 weeks.  My husband and I traveled to San Juan Islands and Whidbey Island.  And I took my exam to receive my certificate of personal training, which I studied REALLY hard for, and passed last Friday.

But all these things are behind me.  I know I’m a month late to the party, but I’ve decided to start my new year off today anyways.  I gave myself a month break, and now I’m ready to ROCK 2016!

First, I got back out today and did a full workout.   It wasn’t our first of the year, but it was the first for MY new, new year.  We did play around on the rings Chris gave me for my birthday last week, which was great, because my birthday was all the way back in November, and with Northwest winters, it was our first chance to get out to the park and try them out without drowning.  (Seriously, you should see the rivers and lakes out here right now, everything is flooded)

But today we got a 3-day pass to Edge Gym, which is eerily like my old gym back in Seattle, Vision Quest.  We did some dynamic stretching, then warmed up with some great heart pumping exercises that we never get to do: Rope Slams, tire flips (although their tire is ridiculously light), and finally sled pushes, which totally KICKED OUR ASSES!!!  We stumbled back down to the weight room and did an arm workout of Incline Bench-press, Lat-pull-downs, and Shoulder Presses.  It has been a long month or so…


It’s great to get back in the saddle, and I’m looking forward to going back tomorrow.

But that’s not all I’m revving up for on this new, new year.  I’m starting a new challenge for my new year.  Last year, I did 100 Ways of Fitness, and it was great at helping me establish new habits, and try new, exciting things (like…well I was going to say Yoga, but let’s be frank, I don’t like yoga).  Only this year, I’m bringing 100 Ways closer to home and I’m starting 100 Ways of EarthFit.  My challenge is to write about fitness, nutrition, and healthy living, but also relate it back to conservation.  So, rather than just talk about my experience at a new gym, I’m also going to discuss some of the environmental attributes to the facility.  If I start a food challenge, it’s not just going to be about eating right, it’s going to entail eating sustainably as well.

I’m excited for this year.  Sure, 2015 had its shortcomings, but I really feel that 2016 is going to be the year I shine!you can do it

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  1. Awesome! Keep up the motivation, I will be right there with you. In face your motivation effects me just as much as you. Thanks for pushing me to do the workout if it wasn’t for your motivation and drive I wouldn’t do it also. So next time your feeling a bit lazy I’ll lend you some of my motivation to help you get going.

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