Welcome to Novemburpee!

November is a busy month here at ZooFit. Busy, busy, busy.

Nationally, in the writing community, November is known as National Novel Writing Month, or affectionately called NaNoWriMo for short. It’s the designated month to challenge writers to finish a book in one month. 50,000 words. 1667 words a day (or something like that).

I’m not really a novel writer, not yet at least. Well, maybe my latest project counts as a novel, but that’s not how I’m celebrating NaNoWriMo. For 2019, I’m focused on writing a new article for publication each day. At the end of the month, I’ll fine tune the best of the 30 articles I wrote and send them out for publication to magazines, professional journals, guest blogs, and other media.

But that’s just part of what’s going to keep me busy. November is also my birthday month. So, I’m celebrating my birthday all month with my favorite exercise: BURPEES!

Yes, burpees are my favorite. I don’t know of any other exercise you can do absolutely anywhere which does as much for my health and fitness as burpees. They are the perfect cardio workout, it’s also a squat, push-up, and core exercise rolled into one.

If something is good for us, we should never look at it as a punishment

So, this year, in addition to NaNoWriMo, ZooFit workouts, and any other events I plan for this month, I decided to create Novemburpee. Every day a different type of burpee. I will not be posting the burpees on my blog. If you want to follow along, subscribe to my YouTube channel, ZooFit Facebook Page, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram (omg, I hope I can manage Instagram, I’m still really kind of new on that platform).

Every day in November, I will post a new burpee for anyone who wants to join in Novemburpee. I will demonstrate the prescribed burpee, provide modifications, and leave you with an inspiring message to get you moving!

How many burpees will we do each day? That depends on you. Choose however many you want, but if you want my challenge suggestions, I encourage beginners to do 11 burpees every day (11 for November). Intermediate challenge yourselves to do 25 every day. November 25th is my birthday. And for all those die-hard burpee fanatics just like me? Well, guys, I’m going to be 42 this year, so let’s bust out 42 burpees every day for the month of November.

Welcome to Novemburpee! At least we won’t be cold when we’re finished!

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