Thug Kitchen- Eat Like You Give a Frack!


This should be the only time I use this type of language on here, but I truly cannot help it.

Truth be told, I myself actually have quite a colorful language in daily life.  But I recognize it as unprofessional in many instances, and try to not let the cursing flood out of me when I first meet a new friend or colleague.well educated sailor

But this isn’t about me anyways.  This is about the Thug Kitchen Cookbook, and their motto, or tagline, is actually “Eat like you give a f*ck”, so with that phrase in mind, I am pretty sure you are aware this post is going straight to hell in a hand-basket.  THUG kitchen mutherfucket

You have been forewarned.

I have wanted to get my hands on the Thug Kitchen Cookbook ever since I saw this advertisement last year.  It cracked me up, but spoke to me at the same time.

I was in the midst of changing my dietary habits upside down.  Throughout the summer of last year, I slowly cut out artificial sweeteners in my water (no more Crystal Light).  Then I weaned myself off most breads and cereals.  I even cut out a large majority of dairy products (right now the only true dairy products I eat are Greek plain yogurt and goat’s milk cheese).  Because I was tired of eating like I didn’t give a frack.  And this book just really spoke to me on a whole different level than nutritionists, personal trainers, or doctors.  get your shit together

So today, I got my copy from the library.  Oh, I’m certain I’ll love every damn one of those recipes, and I’m sure this preview will only convince me I need to buy this masterpiece genius, but for now, I feel it’s pretty awesome that this book is even available from the library.  So, I can’t wait to try out some of these amazing as hell recipes.

To give you an idea of Thug Kitchen, it’s a plant based diet (vegan).  They don’t use any animal products in their recipes.  Their focus on why is more health related, but I’ve been doing a fair amount of research into Veganism for more than health reasons.  Environmentally, we as humans cannot afford to eat the amount of meat we are consuming.  Livestock accounts for 17% of greenhouse gases.  To give you an idea of how bad that shit is, cars and other transportation only account for a total of 13%.  And don’t get me started on the treatment of animals and the environment in factory farms.  That shit will fuck with your dreams.

potato salad

I will not become a vegan.  It’s not happening.  Just no.  But I do want to reduce the amount of meat I eat significantly.  And by significantly, I mean, perhaps only one or two times a week.   I’ve already started experimenting with substituting tofu for meats in some meals.  Some have been successful, others not so much, but it’s a start.

But having a cookbook I’m excited to read and get some really good and creative ideas for meals without meat is very intriguing for me.  I hope when I start writing my own cookbook and get it published, it is as well received as Thug Kitchen has been.hamburger helper

When you think about it, my cookbook could have the same tagline- eat like you give a f*ck about the planet.

I’m also looking forward to seeing some alternatives to butter, sugar, eggs, and cheese.  When I’m cooking, I often feel discouraged that my food only tastes good if I add cheese (which ends up being goat cheese and that shit’s expensive!), or lots of honey, which is just as bad as sugar in large quantities.

I’ve looked through the book, and I’m having a good chuckle at the recipes’ directions.  “Slowly whisk in the milk so that shit doesn’t get all lumpy.  SLOWLY MOTHERFUCKER.”  That is verbatim the directions for their Sourdough French Toast (french toast without eggs?!?!  WHA?).  French Toast

I don’t think the amount of profanity is necessary in the book.  But I get it.  I think they overdid the cursing to promote their image as badasses in the kitchen.  And to be honest, they won me over because of their language, so there’s that.  The only thing missing is Samuel L Jackson exclaiming “I’m sick and tired of these motherf*cking junk foods in my motherf*cking diet!”

So, check out Thug Kitchen cookbook.  And start eating like you give a frack about your body, so that when MY cookbook comes out, it’ll be easy to eat like you give a frack about the planet, too.

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