The Savrith Tree

Once upon a time is how we’ll begin
For that is the best way to tell stories with friends

There was a kingdom of the magical fair ones
The powers of nature could not be outdone

The source of the power was the Savrith Tree
Which sustained life for you and for me

The fragile Savrith Tree thrived only with aid
Without our protection, the magic would fade

The powers were many, such as strength for the weak,
Healing our ailments, and hiding the meek

Food could nourish us among the leaves and the bark
The branches were shelter for when it got dark.

Without the Savrith Tree, there would only be death
For it held the power of life-giving breath

One day the Tree began to lose all its life
The Guardians stepped in to end its strife.

The greatest Guardian of all was the Fairy
Showing us why saving trees is never arbitrary.

What hurts our forest hurts the Savrith Tree
And killing this being hurts you and hurts me.

Salamander, Rhino, Hornbill, and Polar Bear
Held elemental powers of fire, earth, water, and air.

They sought out the beings with powers combined
Which believe it or not is all humankind.

Humans have powers to destroy or to heal.
Using them for good is obviously ideal.

While small in size, salamander taught how trees protect
These sheltering giants deserve much respect.

Chopping trees down for small single uses
Means nobody wins and everyone loses.

The big earthly rhino reminds us how trees
Produce medicine to fix maladies.

The magic to heal is not in a horn
The lore of trees makes knowledge reborn.

Mighty polar bear showed how trees help us live
The air that we breathe is the Savrith Tree’s gift.

And the hornbill from flies over to demonstrate
How aligned our lives are with the Savrith Tree’s fate

Trees provide us with nourishing food
These mighty living beings deserve much gratitude.

Instead, we are cutting them all down.
Leaving nothing behind, not even seeds in the ground.

The Fairy Guardians taught us how to use magic for good
And treat the forest like we all know we should.

Sustainable habits and reducing our waste
Are good starts for fixing the problems we face.

As a token of friendship and the promise we make
The fairies bestowed a gesture better than any handshake.

A lock of their hair, or maybe even two
To motivate, encourage, and inspire you

Wear it wherever and whenever you dare
To remember the promise and oath that we share.

We are the protectors of the forests and trees
With our powerful magic, we’ll save the Savrith Tree.

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