Plastic-Free July Eco-Challenge, Day 21: The Zero Waste Chef

I’m pretty busy with a few projects but I still want to give my readers a daily dose of goodness for Plastic-Free July. It’s important to stay motivated, stay inspired.

But ZooFit Safari is *THIS* close to being published. I decided to give myself a day and let a professional take the wheel for today. Don’t worry, I still practiced Plastic-Free. But when it comes to helpful tips and practices, it’s good to know I’m certainly not alone.

I came across the Zero Waste Chef while in Kentucky, visiting family. Surfing the webs for a rhubarb crisp recipe, I stumbled upon a recipe using almond pulp from homemade almond milk. That’s curious, I thought. I looked at the site name, and saw the Zero-Waste Chef, and then her main quote- “We don’t need a few people doing waste-free perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

This woman must be one of my soulmates. Our philosophies are the same- small steps toward your goal, keep doing the best you can, it’s not about perfection. And so on.

If you want to be inspired, whether it’s a recipe you want to try doing waste-free, or looking for tips for breaking up with plastic, Anne Marie Bonneau has tons of experience and advice. After Plastic-Free July, I’m going to look into her 31 day challenge to go Zero-Waste. I’m also looking forward to trying her homemade Nutella recipe. No waste, and no palm oil?!?! What wizardry is this?!?!

So, while I finish up my incredible fitness challenge (it’s epic, my friends, EPIC!), I’ll let you peruse the Zero Waste Chef and see that each small behavior change leads to a better life and a better world.


Plastic Free July Eco-Challenge: Day 1

July is becoming known as Plastic-Free July, an initiative to reduce plastic use and become more aware of our impact. This month I’ll be sharing ways to cut out plastic from our lives as part of the Plastic Free Eco-Challenge. These small changes won’t just impact the environment, they can change your whole life.

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Tips for Zero Waste

Haha! I told my husband I was going to blog about Jingle Trail, but I forgot I need to finish my post on Zero Waste…

Tomorrow is a better day to talk about running anyways.

Last week I attended a lecture presentation at the library on Zero Waste. The first half of our class was going over the Re’s of the movement. It’s not just Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. There’s a whole slew of Re’s we can practice. Read More “Tips for Zero Waste”