Workout at the Park

When Chris and I first moved to Oregon, we found a little park not too far from our apartment that has benches, a playground with monkey bars, and seemed secluded enough to allow some “privacy” while working out.  Then we joined VillaSport for the summer and when we left Villla, our workout park seemed…different.


It seemed to have grown crowded by annoying types of people. People smoking (weed), people who didn’t pick up after their dogs (ewww), broken glass on the ground (c’mon, people, KIDS play here), and folks who just let their kids walk up to random strangers and talk to them while said strangers were trying to get their workout on.   Last weekend we hit our limit on how much we could take when we tried to do a circuit workout but with traffic on the road, and then stepping in dog poo during the workout, we were finished with the park once and for all.

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Plank Off

After not working out for three weeks, the simple, yet apparently effective Blah Blaster took out a lot from Chris and me.  So, today, I prepared a super quick, low intensity workout I called “Plank Off”.  It didn’t kick our rears like Blah Blaster, but it’s pretty core intensive so it can be effective, too. Read More “Plank Off”