100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 90: Nature Deficit Disorder

Last year, I read an eye-opening book that helped develop EarthFit in such a way that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t incorporated the ideas before.  That book was “The Nature Principle” by Richard Louv, and it was partly a follow-up to “Last Child In the Woods” and part follow up to the environmental/health movement he started with the coined phrase “Nature Deficit Disorder”.  To me, the book engulfed the very idea of EarthFit and answered a very interesting “What if” question- “What if I told you that appreciating nature and getting outdoors would increase your overall health and well-being?” Read More “100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 90: Nature Deficit Disorder”

Why Zoos Matter Special Series: Documentary vs Zoo

An increasingly popular argument against zoos is emerging from the animal rights’ front.  That argument is stating that zoos are becoming obsolete because everything we need to learn about wildlife and conservation can be taught through the internet and documentaries.  That seeing animals in a zoo setting is not like seeing them in real life, like you can in a documentary.

spy in the herd
Dung camera gets close to the elephants. So does a zoo, though.

I’m not really one to debate the value of a good documentary.  With our advanced technology, researchers are able to get closer than ever without disturbing the natural behavior of animals in their natural environment (have you seen the documentaries that use cameras shaped like dung?!?!).  Many documentaries help broaden the knowledge of a particularly interesting animal, and may intensify a spark to protect a species. Read More “Why Zoos Matter Special Series: Documentary vs Zoo”