Fandom Fitness Friday: The Legend of King Arthur

I love making themed workouts. Almost as much as I adore doing themed workouts. Last month, I started coaching online Zoom workouts for my old CrossFit box, South Island CrossFit during the coronavirus shutdown. And I decided if I’m going to lead workouts, I might as well have some fun. So I implemented Fandom Fitness Fridays. And today, my first and probably most dear to my heart fandom- The Legend of King Arthur.

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20 Days of Eco-Wellness, Day 13: Just Read

All my life, I’ve been an avid reader. One of my earliest memories as a child is stacking a pile of books as high as my bed the night before Christmas, and when I woke up too excited to sleep anymore, I would read the entire stack before waking the rest of my family. It became a Christmas tradition, even if I now recognize it as a parenting hack to allow my mom and dad a couple hours extra sleep.  Read More “20 Days of Eco-Wellness, Day 13: Just Read”