Interpretive Nature Run

Being an avid non-runner, I look for opportunities to avoid the exercise at all costs. However, with the Sloth Army Running Club in full swing and meeting twice a week for runs, I can’t escape it. Coming up with running workouts on Thursdays is pretty easy, I have a slew of them. Coming up with interesting longer runs for Sundays is somewhat more difficult. I decided for today’s trail run, I’d revert a little to my background as an educator/naturalist and give an interpretive narration throughout the 2 mile run. Read More “Interpretive Nature Run”

30 Days Wild- June 3: Writing in the Woods

I didn’t think I was going to have my day in nature today until I went to my Whidbey Writers’ Network social planning meeting at Captain Whidbey Inn in Coupeville.  0c709186-d447-45bb-ad0e-8dae7c95c395Once there, I was enthralled with our new writing quarters.  This quaint lodge on Penn Cove in the Puget Sound was surrounded by woods, gardens, and gorgeous Pacific Northwest scenery.d5c062c4-5ccf-40e7-9eeb-bd4e02a77b92

I say new writing quarters because we are starting to have writing groups that will meet in the “Ice House”, a cozy little conference center next to the vegetable garden and surrounded by nooks and crannies for anyone with a need for privacy or peace and quiet.b75f31bd-9560-48e6-a6c0-deb9fcfd478f

What a lovely afternoon among the gorgeous nature!d1e7d398-58e3-4be4-8519-d914f051c534

30 Days Wild- June 2: Kitty Playtime

Our cats have become obsessed with going down to the yard below our apartment.  The Kid just wants to eat grass, but Sully wants to explore all over.  They both can get into trouble so it actually takes the two of us to watch them while they explore and seek out their favorite spots.

Today I decided to see how the cats would react to our vegetable garden.  It’s fenced in to assist in deterring (mostly) deer, but the border helped us keep the cats corralled and still give them freedom to go where they like. Read More “30 Days Wild- June 2: Kitty Playtime”