100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 100: Awakening the Passion for Conservation and Fitness

There is an incredible amount of passion residing within me.  It seems obvious that I would have such strong infatuation for animals and nature, given my career of choice. Growing up, I jumped at every opportunity to increase my knowledge and experience with wildlife and their environments.  As my admiration for nature grew, so did a third, very prominent obsession: conservation.  The more I learned about my favorite animals, and the more I studied nature, the more I wanted to do everything in my power to protect both.  More than one person can relate to this story, I’m sure. Read More “100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 100: Awakening the Passion for Conservation and Fitness”

100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 99: In Which I Accomplish Something….and Trouble

I have been doing a lot of considering about what to do with my time and energy.  I thought I had figured some things out, get more involved with WOWI, writing groups, and networking with writers, and lessen my involvement with what could be considered to be extra-curricular activities, working with South Island CrossFit and Vibrant Fitness.  I didn’t consider them extra-curricular myself, but my husband has been urging me to put my effort and energy into EarthFit, and let him be my first “client”.  The point of my involvement with CrossFit and Vibrant Fitness was to increase my experience and exposure to exercise programs and see how they are run.  But Chris has a point.  Why not launch EarthFit?

I have looked into South Whidbey Parks and Rec Department, and they have a program to initiate new instructors every season for new programs.  So, I think I will apply for EarthFit Outdoor Bootcamp to be a Fall program in October.  For the winter program, I can continue with EarthFit, but focus on nutrition (Eating Green), creating healthy habits (perfect for January resolution makers- Fitness through Operant Conditioning), and then next Summer put EarthFit into full motion as a program with Parks and Rec.  And use this whole summer to fine tune the workouts, learn how to modify exercises for different levels, and get myself in better shape to lead these exercises (no one wants to follow a fat trainer…)inspirational-quote-mindset-mac-anderson

I also dove right in with WOWI (Writers on Whidbey Island) and volunteered to be a part of their steering committee.  I have no idea how much work is required for steering committee members, but this is the reason we moved to Whidbey Island, so I’m taking my own advice and remembering why I’m here.  I did something awesome though- I started a Meet-up group for WOWI.  Meet-up isn’t used that much on the island, so it’s a new venture for many WOWI members, but once they see how easy it is to create and announce events on the site, we will wonder why we hadn’t been doing this eons ago!

And then the unexpected happened.  I was offered a job!  Not a huge amount of money or time-suck type of job, just a 4-6 hours a week, with possibility of increasing to 10 hours a week.  Just enough to give me a little extra spending money, but definitely give enough allowance to write as I need and see fit.  In fact, some (not all, or even most) of my writing could help to start a community blog.  Which would be super cool for me.  But….and there’s always a but with these things, isn’t there?

I have a huge issue with learning to say “no”.  I don’t mean to drugs, or unhealthy food.  I mean with people asking me to do things that will help them out.  I like helping people become the best version of themselves, which is another reason why I want to start my EarthFit program in the first place. i love to see people succeed But now the programs I am involved with are creating a conflict of interest, and I have to fess up to my involvement with the other. And I’m being asked to make a choice.  I can have a paying job in the area I’m interested in, but not in the exact practice or philosophy that I feel connected to.  Or I can continue to learn from a mentor that I agree with his principles and style of teaching, but will not lead to a paying job.  And apparently, having both is the conflict of interest.learn-to-say-no

So, Ms. Pattie is having a crash course in the art of saying “no”.  All the excitement- accomplishing something, and getting into trouble.  I couldn’t have it any other way.

100 Ways of EarthFit: Mother’s Day Part 2- Maiden of the Pass

Celebrating Mother’s Day at Deception Pass could have been hit or miss.  How many moms out there would say “You know what I want to do on a day celebrating ME?  Go visit the tide pools at Rosario Beach!”  I mean, that’s what would think to be a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day, but I’m not actually a mom, so… Read More “100 Ways of EarthFit: Mother’s Day Part 2- Maiden of the Pass”

100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 90: Nature Deficit Disorder

Last year, I read an eye-opening book that helped develop EarthFit in such a way that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t incorporated the ideas before.  That book was “The Nature Principle” by Richard Louv, and it was partly a follow-up to “Last Child In the Woods” and part follow up to the environmental/health movement he started with the coined phrase “Nature Deficit Disorder”.  To me, the book engulfed the very idea of EarthFit and answered a very interesting “What if” question- “What if I told you that appreciating nature and getting outdoors would increase your overall health and well-being?” Read More “100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 90: Nature Deficit Disorder”

100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 82: Not Your Typical Earth Day

It’s a long drive from Whidbey Island to Portland, Oregon.  And even in a Prius, it’s not the most environmentally friendly way to spend the one day out of the year dedicated to conserving resources and doing your part to protect the planet.  But this year was not your typical Earth Day,  and I was on my way to fulfill a few promises. Read More “100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 82: Not Your Typical Earth Day”

100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 75: Climate Change Grief

Here on Whidbey Island, Earth Day isn’t just a day event, nor just a week event.  On Whidbey Island, the whole month of April is dedicated to the earth and ocean, which explains the plethora of “green” and “environmental” activities and events taking place all over the island.  One special event was a film series on environmental issues and the movie playing tonight sparked a great deal of interest in me.  It was called “Global Meltdown” starring Bill Nye, but it didn’t just discuss the issue of Climate Change, it delved into the issue of Climate Change Grief. Read More “100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 75: Climate Change Grief”

100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 73: Fitness Through Operant Conditioning

When I began my journey into fitness a couple of years ago, I didn’t have the experience of creating healthy habits, setting fitness goals, or any motivation, really.  What I did have was over 13 years experience training animals.  As I progressed in fitness, I couldn’t help but see the correlation between how I planned and prepared myself and the animals I worked with for new behaviors, and the success of creating new, healthy habits.  As time went on, and I learned more from other fitness gurus, the more I believed that applying the principles of operant conditioning and animal training would help increase likelihood of success.work in progress Read More “100 Ways of EarthFit- Day 73: Fitness Through Operant Conditioning”