Storming the New Program

Washington is experiencing a once in a decade or so storm where the wind is ripping through Whidbey Island. But high winds won’t stop me in my new program and my commitment to working out!

7 am New You Ladies Class
28 EMOM:
30 sec Push Press @ 65 lbs.
1 min sit-ups
10 Russian Lunges with 14 lb med ball
1 min row
Score is total Press & Sit-ups: 299

4:30 Wendler- Back Squat
10 min EMOM of Box Jumps
Tabata- Donkey Kicks with 5 lb weight
Divebomber push-ups
Jump Rope

Breakfast- Protein shake (non paleo)
Lunch- totally non-paleo homemade Potato Leek Soup with ham- completely local products
Dinner- Taco salad- recipe from Paleo challenge, but only had Boca Meatless Crumbles, so this ended up being non-paleo as well.

ZooFit Tip- Getting some info on “Chopsticks for Salamanders” program from the Foundation for the Conservation of Salamanders.  Next time you go out to eat, bring along a pair of chopsticks, preferably purchased from the Foundation and help save trees and salamanders. Purchasing your chopsticks from FCSal provides a Chopsticks for Salamanders card to help inform your favorite Asian restaurant about the program and encourage them to transition to reusable chopsticks themselves.  Visit for more information.

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