Staying Humble

With my summer job, I found it sometimes difficult to fit in full workouts every day. My training for the Triathlon didn’t help matters. Even though my swims were relatively short, it took time to change into my wetsuit, drive to the lake, and change out and drive back.¬†

So, I try to fit in little miniature workouts whenever possible. A great way for me is bringing my bike to work. I can’t ride to work, I don’t trust the local highway, especially in the summer with crazy people. But more importantly, I work late nights, getting off well after the sun has set.

But I can ride my bike around at work. The main office at Fort Ebey is located in this cozy little valley. To get to the campground, or the beach shelter area, you have to go up these massive hills. At Fort Casey, the campground is down near the ferry, at the bottom of a huge hill. So, while I’m at work, I try to make a trip to the campgrounds at least once on my bike.

On more than one occasion, I have been commended for riding my bike up such a steep hill. My reply? “Well, it keeps me humble.”

It does keep me humble.

Not that I’m super vain. When it comes to my appearance and fitness level, I am anything but vain. But I like to fantasize that I’m sexier and much more in shape than I really am. On these days, I ride my bike up those hills twice.

The hills are steep. And they take away all my attention from anything else. I listen to my books while I’m working, but going up those hills makes me think of nothing but BREATHE. BREATHE. One. Two. Count your bicycle pumps. Go to fifty. Okay, keep going. You’re almost there. Fifty more pedal pumps. So close. Twenty more. BREATHE!!!!

Humbling indeed.

Today, I took some time to go to a Pilates class, something I haven’t had much time for these past couple of months. It made for a super busy day- swimming first thing in the morning, Pilates, home for lunch, then work. But it was worth it. I get a lot out of Pilates, even though I bitch and moan while I’m there.

Want a truly humbling experience? Go take Pilates. I can’t even remember what we were doing which made me writhe in agony, but it was glorious. Not even in a sadistic way, I mean¬†Oh buddy, is your body going to feel this later kind of agony. The type where you KNOW, as you are doing the exercise, that this is EXACTLY what you needed.

Oh, those glutes, my abs, everything. Five minutes into class and I was shaking and starting to sweat.

Using the TRX straps for scapula push-ups was the epitome of humbling experiences. Until we did the glute exercises with the resistance bands tied around our knees. Not to mention working on keeping my core tight, stomach sucked in, while doing sit-ups, glute bridges, and well, everything.

Yeah, I need to stay humble. I need the confidence boosts here and there, but doing those quick workouts, and the not so quick classes, which challenge me to the core are what makes me a stronger, happier, and healthier version of myself.

What do you do which is healthy but humbling?

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  1. I need to get back into the workout routine, I’ve been away for weeks now and everything is going down hill. The workouts are humbling but afterwards the accomplishment is truly uplifting.

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