Special Dedication- 1000 Days of Art

In 2013, my husband embarked on a challenge for himself and his passion.  He decided that he would challenge himself to do some kind of art, whether that be painting or drawing for at least 30 minutes each day.  Every day.

Chris has always been inspired by the masters, and knowing those masters have dedicated their lives to their craft, and knowing they did their art every freaking day is what MADE them masters, Chris wanted to emulate some of their principles.

I have never ceased to be impressed with his commitment to art.  It didn’t matter if we were on vacation (on an Alaskan cruise, in Hawaii, or even in Europe).  It didn’t matter if he was away on business.  Or if it was inconvenient.  Chris would sketch on a plane, paint in a hotel room, or finish a drawing in a crowded tourist town.  Everyday.1000 days of art: beach painting 1000 days of art: cologne germany

For many months, Chris would paint for his thirty minutes and then quit.  Sometimes he didn’t feel like it, but he kept doing it.1000 days of art: one of the first  I believe something to this magnitude required more than thirty days to make it a habit.  I feel like it was a several month endeavor, but at some point along the way, Chris became committed and engulfed in ensuring he got at least thirty minutes in.  Eventually, thirty minutes wasn’t enough time!  He would spend a couple hours on a painting or go to an open studio to work on figure drawing or portraits.  1000 days of art: figure drawing

Chris has also been inspired by many things.  When Watoto, the African elephant I worked with at the zoo passed away, I was touched by the painting Chris made in memory of her.1000 days of art: passing of a giant

Chris does a lot of still life.  But he is so creative in even the most seemingly mundane items.  His transformation of wadded paper was memorizing!1000 days of art: paper ball

I mention this in my blog for so many reasons.  First, obviously, Chris is my husband and I love him.  I’m proud of his dedication, and I’m a bit envious. I want to have the grit and determination to commit myself to an endeavor such as his.  I want to be a great writer, and a great presenter, and a mentor in fitness and conservation.  To succeed I must persevere through lack of motivation, distractions, and yes, depression.  I know writing is not just a passion and something I want to improve upon, but it’s therapeutic.  I want to want to write.  So while I’m envious of Chris’ dedication, he inspires me to push myself past the blockades that are preventing me from achieving my goal and encourages me to pursue my potential.1000 days of art: thai tea pot

I also want to use this blog to promote people and websites that encourage healthy habits.  And what healthier habit can I think of than dedicating your time to a passion every freaking day of your life?

If you don’t believe how incredible his work really is, check it out for yourself.  Chris has even taken to selling a bit of his work- you can see some of that work here.

But the main reason I’m dedicating this post to Chris is because today was a super special milestone for him.  Today, Chris has accomplished 1000 days of doing art….in a row!  Chris didn’t miss one freaking day in the past 2 and half years of doing his art.  1000 days!

I want all of you to think about that.  1000 days.  When he was sick and didn’t feel well, he did his art.  When he was tired or had a busy day, he did his art.  When we traveled for close to 24 hours from Amsterdam to Portland in the longest day in our lives, and didn’t get home until 11:00 pm, and we were exhausted, Chris did his art!1000 days of art: studio sketch

I love how Chris doesn’t “have” time for his art.  He MAKES time for his art.  He works full time (granted, from home so the commute is AMAZING), he works out regularly with me.  He makes time to be with me and do things together.  But he still makes time for his art.  Chris isn’t stopping anytime soon.  In fact, he wants to work towards 10,000 hours of working on art, and I’m pretty sure he’s not going to stop even after that.  No, this isn’t an obsession with him.  It’s a lifestyle, and I truly admire this trait of his.

I am not an artsy person.  Creative, yes.  Maybe even a hint of crafty.  But artsy?  No.  So, I couldn’t come up with an appropriate way to help celebrate such an incredible accomplishment except to dedicate our workout to his 1000 days.  Which I know he truly appreciated a good ass-kicking to celebrate him kicking ass!1000 days of art workout

And then I took him out to dinner.  Chris is waiting until Saturday to truly celebrate, by having a whole day to work on nothing but his art.  Open studio, painting on location or at home.  Whatever his art-intensive heart desires.

Congratulations, Chris!  You inspire me everyday.  And I love you!1000 days of art: charcoal fairy

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  1. Wow, I’m quite speechless Pattie. Thank you! Now if I could only write as well as you on my blog then I’m sure to inspire people as you surely will. The workout was wonderful and yes it did kick my butt! I loved every minute of it.

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