Reuse, Recycle, Reduce Your Waist

Make Your Own Workout Equipment

Create a more dynamic element to your workout that won’t feel like a chore, and have a positive impact on the environment at the same time. Make fitness fun with your own home-gym, and turn exercise into something you cherish. Reduce your waist while you reduce your waste.

“Enrichment isn’t just for zoo animals. It’s for all animals, including humans.”

From page 7, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce Your Waist

About Reuse, Recycle, Reduce Your Waist

Save the world while you workout! Simple crafts to do on your own to put the “fun” in functional fitness.

Lose weight while helping clean up the planet. Reduce your impact on the environment by repurposing household items instead of throwing them away. Keep our landfills clear of waste and our oceans clean. And add a more dynamic element to your workout routine to make it anything but routine. All while achieving your fitness goals.

Gym memberships and gym equipment can get expensive. Save money, and invest in your health with ZooFit. Make your own workout equipment and do your part to save the planet by reducing your waste, while making a positive impact on your own health and well-being.

Save Money

Most items for each project are found in everyday homes– torn jeans, plastic bags, old pillows. Other items can be found at discount or at thrift stores, saving hundreds of dollars on equipment for a home gym.

Save the Planet

I specifically look to repurpose items that are not commonly recycled or reused. Instead of throwing them away, we give these items new life, spark our workout, and keep more plastic trash from entering our landfills.

Have Fun!

Creating your own workout equipment is empowering. You want to use that equipment more, and they are more fun because you made it yourself. It creates more of an element of playing than working, and having fun is what ZooFit is all about.

What People Are Saying

Reuse, Recycle, Reduce Your Waist is a delight! The book is packed with photos and clear descriptions of the DIY exercise equipment, making it hard to fail.”

Mandala Wojnar, mother of 2 and eco-warrior

Make Your Own Workout Equipment

How Reuse, Recycle, Reduce Your Waist Works

Making exercise a fun part of your day is as easy as 1-2-3 (4). These crafts can be done in an afternoon and still give you time to try them out. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go have some fun!


Find a project you want to try

Maybe you have an item you’d like to keep from throwing in the garbage. Or perhaps you are looking for an ideal piece of equipment. Thumb through the different crafts throughout the book and find one that catches your eye that you’d like to try. Then let the fun really begin.


Gather your materials

Most of your materials are probably items you have laying around the house, either collecting dust, or normally tossed in the trash. For other items, such as duct tape or drawer liner, check out your local thrift store, or discount store for some options.


Make your workout equipment

I provide step by step descriptions as well as full color photos to make the craft as simple and easy to assemble as possible. 


Go have FUN!

It’s now time to take your project on a test run. Check out ZooFit Exercise Guide for some creative and engaging workouts, or create your own. There are some sample exercises included in the book to show how to use the equipment, but your options are limited only by your imagination. Just go out there and have some fun!


Take your fitness to the next level. Join the ZooFit Tribe by joining the ZooFit Safari Challenge!

“Enrichment makes something more meaningful, substantial, or rewarding, or improves something.”

From page 62 Reuse, Recycle Reduce, Your Waist