I know resolutions usually take place in January, and honestly, that’s when I made most of these resolutions, but I heard March is a good month to re-evaluate, re-assess, and re-new resolutions. In essence, re-solute. I’m a little behind, and I kept putting it off further and further because I was getting behind, but I’ve wanted to do a blog for a LONG time, and so now in this re-newal, I am going to make it happen.

Here are some of my resolutions for the year. Notice that it doesn’t say “quit smoking”, or “lose 20 pounds”. Because those are types of goals that will get me down if I don’t meet them, and completely discourage if I am not meeting my “standards”. But there are definite steps to improving my quality of life and obtaining goals that would help with “stop smoking” and “lose weight”. It’s a step.

  1. Personal
    • Stop buying cigarettes
    • Two new tattoos
    • Volunteer at PAWS 200 hours
    • Read 12 books on my to-read list
  2. Workout
    • Swim 50 miles
    • Lift large boomer ball over head
    • Bike 500 miles
  3. Relationships
    • Write one postcard a month to friends’ and family kids
    • Call two friends a week
    • Write one letter a month to friend/family
    • Send b-day cards and gifts within two weeks of date.
  4. Work
    • Become qualified member of firearms team by attending practice at least twice a month and all range dates
    • Work on interpersonal relationships to gain respect from team members
    • Present at AAZK conference
  5. Writing
    • Attend 12 writing group meet-ups
    • Submit 3 samples for critique
    • Write one blog entry a month