Queen of Play

In one of my coaching forums, our fearless leader urged participants to come up with some ways to add play into our day. I was actually quite shocked at how many women claimed they didn’t know how to play, not really. They stated that they usually go shopping, or drink wine to unwind and have fun. But not me. Within moments, the chat in this group named me Queen of Play, a new title I completely and utterly embrace!

Ways to Play This May

Yes, yes, May is almost over. But there is still time to play! Have some fun. Try new things. Explore– even in your own backyard. There are so many ways to incorporate play into our day. 

For the next 25 days, I invite you to participate in a Playful BINGO.  Each day, pick a square and try something new. Play with your food, your exercise program, and even your self-care routine. Have some fun, and let the Queen of Play show you how to make fitness and wellness empowering and exciting!

Queen of Play BINGO

Playing With Your Food

For some further inspiration and to help you out with Food Focused Play, try these fun suggestions:

Try an exotic fruit: Ever have jackfruit? Or dragonfruit? This is your chance to live on the wild side and try something new, and delicious. You can also try a dried fruit you’ve never eaten before. Persimmon? Durian fruit (well, perhaps not, but orangutans love it)?

Try a new recipe: If you want some inspiration, check out some of the recipes on my blog (Eating Green section), or check out a cookbook from the library. Go a little crazy and have some fun with flavors!

Blend a new tea: Tea is one of my favorite ways to unwind or get focused. And I’m always down to try a new blend, or new flavor. You can even try mixing flavors to find that special blend perfect for you.

Trade an ingredient: Want to spice things up? Try a favorite recipe but with a completely new ingredient. Switch out chicken for chickpeas, or kale for Swiss chard. Explore what works and what doesn’t, and make a whole new meal out of the same old boring stuff.

Add Some Pep to Your Steps

Take a walk: If walking isn’t playful enough for you, you can still make it fun by skipping if you dare! One of my favorite ways to make walking more meaningful and add a playful element is to go Plogging. Pick up trash while you walk! Clean up your neighborhood, make the world a little nicer, and get some fresh air. Ahhhh!

Play on a playground: Hang from the monkey bars, slide down the slide, and just let your inner kid come out to play.

Dance in your living room: My favorite new workout is dancing or working out with specific moves to certain songs (if you have experienced my love for Thunderstruck– doing burpees every time you hear “thunder”, you get the idea). Talk about getting a workout in a time crunch! One song, 3-4 minutes. You’re good to go!

Try a new exercise: If you need ideas, check out my Animal Exercises here on ZooFit, or check out my YouTube channel for Fandom Fitness and Wildlife Workouts.

Play music while you clean: Twist and shout while you sweep, fold laundry, or do the dishes. It’s no longer a chore when you have fun!

Strrrretch: Whether you are sitting at a desk or running around chasing animals all day, stretching is a great release, a fun break, and a fantastic way to incorporate play into your normal day-to-day activities

Play in Nature

Plant some flowers: Whether from seeds or seedlings, plant some flowers around your home. Not only do the colors brighten your day, but flowers attract helpful pollinators like bees and butterflies. 

Watch a sunset: Or a sunrise, or star-gazing, no one is judging. Get up early or stay up late to experience nature at the peak of its wonder. 

Look for 4-leaf clovers: I love looking for 4-leaf clovers. It’s actually a special skill of mine. Hone your ability to see the extraordinary among the ordinary and find some good luck while you play.

Hygiene is Self-care Playtime

Take a cooler shower: Not only does cool water revitalize you, but the cool water actually saves on energy, too. Play while caring for your body, and help the planet out in the process!

Try a new meditation: I have a few meditations you may enjoy, or check out YouTube or a meditation app to find a new way to train your focus and calm your meerkat brain.

Try a new aromatherapy scent: I don’t really know which scents are supposed to do what for your health. I just feel if the smell speaks to you, it’s probably good for you. Try some on your wrist, add to your bath, or a diffuser to help you sleep at night.

Seduce yourself: Is sex self-care? Oh, abso-freaking-lutely! And finding out more about yourself in an intimate way doesn’t just please you, but your significant other benefits from it as well. The more you know about your body, the more you can share in the pleasures with your loved one.

Celebrate Play

Write a Gratitude List: If you are getting overwhelmed or feeling anxiety about play, take things down a notch and practice gratitude. It is impossible for the mind to experience negative thoughts while simultaneously thinking of things to be grateful for. When we appreciate something, our positivity appreciates.

Tell yourself you’re awesome (and mean it): Go ahead and hi-five yourself, pump your fist into the air, and celebrate YOU! These actions release dopamine, the feel-good hormone, and we begin to actually crave doing the activities we are celebrating.

Give yourself a sticker: Seriously, put it on your shirt, your hand, or a piece of paper. Cherish it, and remind yourself that you deserve that simple pleasure.

Celebrate your un-birthday: He may have been mad, but the hatter was onto something. Why celebrate our uniqueness once a year? Let’s celebrate our lives every day of the year. A very merry un-birthday to YOU!

The Queen of Play Everyday

Make a vision board: I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner, but I love my vision board. It helps remind me why my writing is important, things I am grateful for, and inspires me to keep moving forward. Don’t just make it, make your visions real by practicing what the vision holds for you.

Listen to music: Calming relaxing music can set your mind at ease. Upbeat music can lift you off your seat. Pick a song, and sing along if it feels fun to you. Dance and play like no one is watching. Even if they are, they will wish they could be as playful as you.

Read a different type of book: Do you normally read fantasy novels? Have you ever read a cozy mystery? Reading is great for taking us on epic adventures, so why not try something new, just for fun?

Wear mismatching socks: Socks are one of my favorite articles of clothing. I love showing off a little of my personality through my footwear. Why not go a little wild and add some more flair by switching them around. An orange sock with a blue sock? Are you crazy? Why not?

Add Some Play into Your May

There are some of my zany and fun ideas for celebrating Play in May. 

What are some of your favorites from the list? What are some ways YOU play that didn’t make my Play BINGO board? Share them with me, and remember to train positive. Today, tomorrow, this month, and forever.

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