Progression Check-in

It’s been one week since I started on my Daily Writing Habit.  I haven’t officially rewarded myself yet, but I have downloaded a couple iPhone apps that help me track my healthy habits.  It’s weird how completely satisfying it is to check off the “completed” box next to the habits I’m trying to form.

I am using my “Baby Steps” method.  Right now, and probably for a long ass time to come, my minimum word count is set to 250.  I know, I probably will go over 250 with just this blog post, and you know what, that would totally count.  Because it’s me writing.  One of my issues with NaNoWriMo was that I was setting a goal of at least 500 words a day, and blogging didn’t count.  Writing speeches for Toastmasters didn’t count.  Writing an entire fitness guide complete with recipes and meal plans didn’t count.  ONLY words for the book “Zookeeper’s Guide to Fitness” counted.  So, of course by the end of November, I was done with writing!

This time I am counting anything and everything.  Blog post?  Did you write?  Yes?  Then it counts.  Fitness or nutrition seminar?  That counts.  A new speech?  Totally counts.  All words count.  And I’m finding that it’s super easy for me to finish more than 500 words.  Yesterday I got over 600, today over 800.  And I’m also writing a blog post.

I am giving myself one alternative option to writing.  That’s an area I call “research”.  This includes reading articles, books, or watching videos that relate to my topic of interest- fitness, well-being, conservation, training, etc.  I’ve started subscribing to an online program called Optimize.  I can’t say enough amazing things about this site.  From the Philosophers Notes (30-40 minute cliff note podcast sort of program about relevant books on fitness, health, positivity, setting goals, leadership, and success) to Master Classes (hour long programs with video and workbook on positive lifestyle concepts such as Willpower, Conquering Anxiety, and Self-Care), I have yet to listen or watch a program that hasn’t been helpful and beneficial.  So, even though I haven’t had a problem meeting my 250 words a day, I am including this program or research on another topic that’s relevant to my book as part of my “Writing Time”.

There are several lessons from the Optimize program that I am trying to incorporate into my life.  Again, trying just baby steps.  My big focus right now is the writing habit, but one other habit I’ve heard is very useful and related is keeping a “Gratitude Journal”.  Considering I have a blog that I haven’t been using more than a process journal lately anyways, I figured I’d give it a go here.

This is a great time to write a Gratitude Journal, anyways.  I’m pretty bummed.  I did something weird and crazy to my left heel, of all body parts, and it really hurts to even walk.  So, we’ve had to cancel a couple workouts and modify others.  It definitely hasn’t been fun.  It’s very discouraging.  So what I could use right now is a dose of gratitude.

  1. My leg is not broken.  In fact, right before this incident, my knees were getting better everyday!  I was doing 75 lb squats, which is great for me.  This snafu is just a set-back, it’s not the end.  A little R&R will do me some good and is all that I really need to get back on track.
  2.  I am already a week in with my daily writing habit.  7 whole days of writing at least 250 words.  This might be my longest stretch I’ve ever done.
  3. I got ALL my Christmas shopping done!  ALL of it! And I sent Christmas gifts off EARLY this year!!!!
  4. I’m just going to leave this photo here and let you guess what I’m grateful for every single day:img_2645
  5.  And just because I’m a snarky smart-ass, I’m adding this video.  Because it made me laugh harder than I thought was possible, even knowing what was coming…

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