Plastic-Free July Eco-Challenge, Day 8: Water, Water Everywhere

A super helpful tip from me to you. If you want to stay healthy, stay hydrated. It’s way up there on my list of importance. Right next to diet, exercise, and sleep.

What Water Does

Weight loss is one of the most prominent benefits to staying hydrated. Many people often misinterpret thirst for hunger, so drinking water eliminates confusion between hunger and thirst, and we only eat when we really need to.

There are plenty of non-weight benefits to drinking water, too. Staying hydrated helps your complexion. Your brain focuses better, and you stay more energized throughout the day. You can replenish fluids lost during your workout and stay productive.

The best part about water is you can get it for FREE. That’s right, put the bottle of “spring glacier water” down. You can get it for free.

All you need is a handy-dandy reusable water bottle, and you are good to go absolutely anywhere.*

Wasting Water

Last summer, I worked as a park aide for the state parks on Whidbey Island. One of my jobs was to change the garbage around the entire park. There were twenty or so trash cans around the area. I was the slowest person to change garbage. You know why? Because every time I changed the trash can liner, I would find 3-4 WATER BOTTLES in the trash.

WATER BOTTLES. The single most recyclable product we have in existence. In the trash.

What’s more, there’s a freaking recycling bin RIGHT NEXT TO each garbage can. Not on the other side of the parking lot, not even the other side of the picnic shelter. RIGHT NEXT TO THE GARBAGE CANS.

So, every day, I couldn’t help myself. I would rummage through the freaking garbage cans and pick out the water bottles, and put them in recycling. Because, REALLY, people. I’m glad your drinking water, but this is so close to the idea of putting bananas in plastic bags, I’m really not sure which is my bigger pet peeve.

The Recycle Paradox

Water bottles are one of the most recyclable plastics on earth, but most never get recycled. Eighty percent of all water bottles purchased end up in the landfill. That means only one in five bottles, which require mass amounts of energy to produce and COULD be recycled, actually ever get returned.

Apparently, recycling isn’t solution. The solution is to skip the bottle. Get your own reusable bottle and take it everywhere. If you are active during the summer, having a water bottle on hand is vital for your health and well-being.

Tomorrow I’ll be discussing non-plastic ways to filter and maintain your water the way you like, but for today, look into a reusable water bottle. Fill that puppy up, and have a safe, hydrated summer.

It’ll help your complexion. It’ll help with weight loss (if that’s your thing). But most important, it will help save the planet.

*okay, okay, I know not EVERY place in the country has access to clean, potable water (like Flint, MI or even some places on Whidbey Island) . But MOST places do, and I’m talking about most Americans here. Put the plastic single-use water bottle down.

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