Plastic-Free July Eco-Challenge, Day 31: The End, But Not Really

Plastic-Free July is almost over. One more day. This is a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your life practices this month. If you did the Plastic-Awareness evaluation in the beginning, try it again and see if your plastic waste has declined.

Just because Plastic-Free JULY is over, doesn’t mean our plastic-reducing habits have to stop. If going 100% plastic-free is too overwhelming, look back over the month and see if there are any new habits you could incorporate which reduces plastic waste.

From all the tips I shared this month, what ONE THING stood out as something you can try long-term? It could be a recipe, or craft, or do-it-yourself project. Maybe it was just an idea. Bright lines, making a contract with yourself. Being a hummingbird, doing what you CAN. Or reinforcement and rewarding your efforts to cut down plastic for your own personal health.

For me, I’m pleased to say I will no longer be buying almond or coconut milk in containers. Buying our Almond Cow has been a very smart investment- both in our health and the planet.

I am also continuing to work on the Bright Line “if it’s wrapped in plastic, don’t get it.” This month, I found myself bouncing from store to store because one store wouldn’t have what we needed without plastic. This was a little time consuming, and I know it’ll get easier in Bellingham, but it is something I want to practice more.

Specifically, I am continuing to progress in reducing plastic in these ways:

  • Making my own vegan style cheese-like substitutes instead of buying cheese at the store. This also depends on availability of getting cheese not wrapped in plastic from certain stores. But it’s hard for me and my family because the vegan cheese doesn’t taste the same as regular cheese.
  • I’m working on different alternatives for recipes which have ingredients you can only find in plastic wrap- namely, tofu and things like grapes. I’ve already found a couple alternatives for grapes. Oranges in some salads work just as well, as do apples. Raisins are a super alternative, too, as it is just a dried grape, but they do have lots of sugars in them. For tofu, though, it’s a harder experiment. But I continue to work on it.
  • Offer classes, presentations, and speaking engagements to teach others how to reduce their plastic waste while (if it’s their goal), reducing their waist. I have a couple engagements already, but my goal is to book 10 more within the next 6 months.

If you want to know what my hope for all of you is, it’s really simple. Pass on your favorite idea I’ve shared to friends and family. It can be the idea of reinforcing others, or making your own hummus. Share it with others. And make Plastic-Free July something we celebrate and strive to achieve throughout the entire year.


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  1. I don’t shop much for groceries, PJ does all that, but still this month has really helped me to avoid taking that quick stop by the store to pick up a tasty treat wrapped in plastic. Instead, I say “I’m better than that” and wait till I get home to get some fruit or make some of my super tasty homemade hummus with veggies. I’m healthier and the worlds healthier one little step at a time.

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