Plastic-Free July Eco-Challenge, Day 21: The Zero Waste Chef

I’m pretty busy with a few projects but I still want to give my readers a daily dose of goodness for Plastic-Free July. It’s important to stay motivated, stay inspired.

But ZooFit Safari is *THIS* close to being published. I decided to give myself a day and let a professional take the wheel for today. Don’t worry, I still practiced Plastic-Free. But when it comes to helpful tips and practices, it’s good to know I’m certainly not alone.

I came across the Zero Waste Chef while in Kentucky, visiting family. Surfing the webs for a rhubarb crisp recipe, I stumbled upon a recipe using almond pulp from homemade almond milk. That’s curious, I thought. I looked at the site name, and saw the Zero-Waste Chef, and then her main quote- “We don’t need a few people doing waste-free perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

This woman must be one of my soulmates. Our philosophies are the same- small steps toward your goal, keep doing the best you can, it’s not about perfection. And so on.

If you want to be inspired, whether it’s a recipe you want to try doing waste-free, or looking for tips for breaking up with plastic, Anne Marie Bonneau has tons of experience and advice. After Plastic-Free July, I’m going to look into her 31 day challenge to go Zero-Waste. I’m also looking forward to trying her homemade Nutella recipe. No waste, and no palm oil?!?! What wizardry is this?!?!

So, while I finish up my incredible fitness challenge (it’s epic, my friends, EPIC!), I’ll let you peruse the Zero Waste Chef and see that each small behavior change leads to a better life and a better world.


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