Plastic-Free July Eco-Challenge, Day 14: Watch a Movie

In my Optimize coach class, we discuss cutting down on television to make time for things which are important to us. Important things like fitness, writing, art, family time (and no, TV is not family time). But even our mentor, Brian Johnson, watches movies, documentaries, and even TED talks once in a while (he’s really impressed with the Mr. Rogers documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”).

Using Media for Good

I don’t own a television, because I get sucked in way too easily. We do have a Netflix account. And I have had to really hone in on my binge-watching habit. By using Netflix as a reinforcement rather than a procrastination distraction, I’ve been more productive with my goals. But still get to enjoy a little mindless television now and then.

One of my favorite genres to watch are environmental documentaries. Oh, yes, I totally watched all of the latest David Attenborough’s Our Planet series. But before all that, I watched “A Plastic Ocean” and “Before the Flood”.

Movie-Watch Party

On this (personally) lazy Sunday, I offer you the chance to take a day off of nose-to-the-grind work, and sit back to watch a couple of flix. Unfortunately, “A Plastic Ocean” was just removed from Netflix’s offerings. But I did find a copy at my local library, so it’s possible to watch it if you have one of those old-timey DVD player things. “Before the Flood” is on Netflix, and is powerfully moving and inspiring.

A word of warning: These movies can be depressing, especially for animal lovers. Animals are SUFFERING because of our actions. “A Plastic Ocean” does not sugar-coat what is happening to marine life. It can be difficult to watch.

But they do offer hope. If you are running on empty for inspiration or need a stronger “WHY” for your struggles to go plastic-free, and reduce your impact, these are powerful movies to watch.


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