Plastic-Free July Eco-Challenge, Day 13: Reuse, Recycle, Reduce Your Waist

Hey, I’m not too proud to promote my own work, especially when it aligns so well with Plastic Free July. One of my first projects I created when developing ZooFit was a homemade medicine ball. Taking an old basketball, worn and torn and headed to the landfill, I filled it with sand and breathed new life into it.

Making my own workout equipment was more than a money-saver. I mean, medicine balls and sand-filled exercise balls can cost as much as $50. So, it was really AWESOME that I only spent about $6 total on the project. But what really impressed me was how it reinforced my behavior of creating my own workouts and using the equipment. I was excited and proud of my achievement. “Look at what I did! I made a thing!” I actually couldn’t wait to use it.

It was really reminiscent of my time as a zookeeper when I played MacGyver and made enrichment out of EVERYTHING. Yogurt containers, paper towel or TP rolls, buckets and lids, and boat bumper/fenders were popular toys for the animals. So, even when I left the field, it makes sense I would maintain my ability to MacGyver my workouts.

After my medicine ball, I actively looked for other ways I could use household items for working out. I used broken handles for stretching rods. Tofu containers became distance markers, and handy-dandy holders for counting rounds or reps. Soon, I had a whole arsenal of equipment, made from plastic bags, lids, old jeans, and milk containers.

So, after all that, naturally, I wrote a book. Check it out here. Read it, love it, use it, and leave a review. I’d love for you to leave a review. I don’t have a fancy incentive, but I’d really love for you to leave a review on Amazon.

Making your own workout equipment isn’t just about “reducing your waist’. That’s just a fancy and clever play on words. What it’s really about is creating an exciting and fun dynamic in your exercise program. Empower yourself and make working out a little more fun.

That’s what ZooFit is all about.

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