Plastic-Free Eco-Challenge, Day 17- Green Your Hygiene, Part 3

Keeping your body clean, and your teeth clean are pretty obvious aspects of hygiene. But there is another aspect which rarely gets touched on because, well, it’s embarrassing for most people to discuss.

The Unmentionables- Pooping, Body Odor, and Feminine Hygiene.

Everybody Poops

Everybody poops. But not everyone wants to think about everybody pooping. I won’t go into all the details of how being regular is healthy for us (and not in the sense of “I regularly go to the bathroom every three days”, that’s very much NOT regular). But, it is (see what I did there?).

Your fiber intake is a whole different discussion for ZooFit. Right now, let’s talk about when you DO go, what happens environmentally? Your water-room (I love the English terminology for bathroom) habits have a stark and significant impact on the planet.

Who Gives a Crap?

Do you purchase large packages of toilet paper at the store? Why not? It’s so much cheaper to buy the big packages rather than single rolls. I tend to go for the single rolls, from Seventh Generation, because they wrap their TP in paper rather than plastic.

What I really love is a company called Who Gives a Crap. They will send you dozens of rolls of toilet paper, or paper towels, each wrapped in recycled paper. And they use bamboo and sugar cane products rather than trees, which is infinitely more sustainable. Who Gives a Crap also donates portion of each sale to building toilets for those in need. It really makes the statement, who gives a crap, significant. We all do, and now we can give a crap about the environment.

P-U No More

When you workout, you very likely eliminate water from your body through a process we call sweating. Perspiring. Some people call it sparkling. Whatever you call it, it often results in us not smelling as pleasant as we normally do. I always profusely apologize to anyone I have to have a conversation with after a workout, because whether or not I can smell me, other people generally can.

A good way to protect from overly offensive odors is to use deodorant. But in today’s world, all deodorants come wrapped in tons of plastic. And not just a little.

The other issue with most deodorants is the chemicals and un-natural ingredients they use to help mask odor, and even prevent sweating (which, by the way, is NOT healthy).

Many companies are recognizing a growing market for waste-less products, as well as using ingredients we can all pronounce and feel good about putting on our bodies. I use Pit-Paste, which I generally get from Thrive Market, but there, again, are tons of options for waste-less and natural deodorants. Look online, or in your local shops for brands which are made close to home (like Booda Butter near Bellingham, Washington). And of course, what works for you.

Girl Talk

Okay, guys, here’s your spoiler alert. I’m about to talk about women’s natural body functions. If that makes you uncomfortable, skip down to the bottom, or head out and take a walk to clear your head.

Every month, for 2 and ½ decades, I used feminine hygiene products wrapped in tons of plastic, every month. I paid the pink tax (the horrible idea that women’s products cost more than men’s, and feminine hygiene is considered a freaking LUXURY item, so it is taxed). I paid the price, and the environment paid dearly, too.

Nowadays, I have two products which I feel great about using. I use Lunapads and Diva cup. No plastic waste, and my sanity is maintained. Pads and tampons are one of life’s necessities whose effect on the environment can be countered with the right product and a little research.

And there you have it. You survived the most difficult post from Plastic-Free July Eco-Challenge. Three cheers for you, your health, and your hygiene.


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    1. Omg, I did forget about that one. I’ll chalk it up to the fact it’s a brand new action for us, but it is a fantastic way to stay clean and keep the planet clean, too. on the whole…

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