Nothing New

Boring kind of day, today.  So I got some writing done.  And by some, I mean, my warm-up, and about 100 words. Visited the farmer’s market one last time for the season, and got my workout done.  Oh, and rented Captain America for us to veg out and watch during dinner.

Writing Warm-up
The pot was starting to bubble, aromas of chicken and spices wafting over and making my mouth water. I had chosen a good assortment of vegetables to go with the flavors of the season- carrots, potatoes, and celery. With the cold air and rainy afternoon settling in, nothing sounded better than a good ol’ bowl of home-cooked, locally produced, organic yumminess.  Go ahead rain!  Do your worst.  I had all the comfort I needed right here in my kitchen.

1:30 pm- Wendler Strict Press (5, 3, 1+)
5 minute AMRAP of pull-ups
5 rounds
400 m Run
30 Box Jumps
30 Wall Balls


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