New Soreness

We started a new week of Wendler today, increasing our weight and decreasing our repetitions for the Bench Press.  This also meant that we started a new series of Assistant Lifts and a new MetCon after Wendler.

We are still ridiculously sore from Saturday’s workout, which isn’t completely abnormal when you are building muscle, but it did make for a slow start to Bench Press.  Luckily we were a bit more prepared for pushing our strength to the limits.  I bought some Creatine, a pre-strength training supplement and we started using it ASAP. We’ve also started cleaning up our diet and eating significantly better foods to fuel our workouts rather than just “eating to eat” or “tastes good” (although, not gonna lie, a lot of these paleo recipes are downright delicious!)

The result of today was a challenging workout with a ridiculous dinner on the grill afterward.

Workout at 3pm
Wendler- Bench Press- 3, 3, 3+
21-15-9 of Hang Power Cleans and Pike Push-ups
Time Ladder (10 seconds on/50 seconds off, 20 on/40 off, 30 on/30 off, 40 on/20 off, 50 on/10 off, and 1 full minute work):
Shuttle Sprints
Armadillo/Panda Rolls
Overhead Squats

Breakfast- homemade apple “butter”
Lunch- Chicken salad with salsa
Dinner- (get ready to be jealous!) Bison steak, homemade Jalapeno Poppers, and corn on the cob
Late snack- Progenex Cocoon

ZooFit Tip: While I’m sure I wasn’t the first person to incorporate the workout of Time Ladder, I haven’t seen it in any CrossFit WOD, and never experienced it in a personal training session or in a small group bootcamp. A Time Ladder workout is a great workout to increase your cardio, and allows you to keep track for future reference.  As listed above, it increases in time by 10 seconds each round, and decreasing the rest interval.  Each set lasts 7 minutes, so it’s short enough to incorporate 3-5 exercises.  With tons of Tabata workouts, AMRAP (as many reps/rounds as possible), and Rounds for Time WODs programmed in workouts and training sessions, it’s nice to have something completely different to schedule and keep things interesting and challenging. Hey, it’s ENRICHMENT!

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