New Sights at Old Stomping Grounds

Chris and I ventured over for our monthly reminder why we live on Whidbey Island.  Chris attended his live drawing at Gage Academy.  I decided to see what was new at my old job.  I hadn’t been to the zoo since I left in April of 2015, so I felt a visit was definitely in order, and gave me a chance to see my friends “in their natural habitat”.  
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Writing was tight.  I didn’t do much of a warm-up, and I barely finished 600 words for the day, but I did at least finish.  I understand what Chris goes through to get his minimum art done every day.  Some days is really hard!

We finished our first full round of Wendler in the morning.  Deadlift de-load (5,5,5).  Then 100 GHD Back-extensions for time, and Death by GHD sit-ups, Beast, and Plyo Pushups.

Breakfast- sweet potato hash
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- chicken

ZooFit Tip- well, I’m an ex-zookeeper, and this whole concept is called ZOOfit, so of course, I have a certain affection for zoos.  But zoos do in fact help reinvigorate me.  Yes, people go to zoos to have fun.  Yes, entertainment is one of the main purposes of zoos.  But zoos also educate.  And inspire.  I get inspired at least.  Visiting the new tiger exhibit, I was impressed with some of the graphics, intrigued with how they presented the information, and yet saddened at some of the truths that tigers face.  Tigers are in trouble. With very few of each species, they are incredibly susceptible to poaching, habitat destruction, starvation due to decrease in prey species’ populations, and human-wildlife conflicts, on top of natural challenges.
Can you get fit by visiting a zoo?  Sure, in a couple of ways-
First, of course, there’s the walking involved.  I don’t usually count it as I more likely “stroll” than walk, but it is exercise.  Plus, it’s walking OUTDOORS.  AND you get to look at interesting scenery.  It’s a very enriching form of exercise.
Second, and some might consider this a stretch, but I have linked all kinds of fitness principles and philosophies to zoos, so one should sort of expect this- you may learn something that could help inspire and motivate you to stay in shape.  For instance, fall in love with a polar bear and be inspired to ride your bike more not just for the cardiovascular exercise, but to cut down on your carbon emissions and help protect polar bears in the wild.  There is something for everyone and every way to protect the environment and get healthy.  Check out the zoo and see for yourself.unnamed-6

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