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On my way to EarthFit today, the wind in the area started to really pick up, the skies darkened, and the promise of torrential downpour loomed over us.  I cancelled the Bootcamp, because honestly, working out outdoors is supposed to be fun, not endured.  It was a bummer, too, because I finished a new medicine ball and wanted to have my participants try it out.  There’s always Wednesday, though….

Cancelling our EarthFit workout put Chris and I at a challenge.  We could head over to Vibrant Fitness and work out, which we hadn’t planned anything, or simply head home.  Hey, I had already worked out that morning, so… But we committed to working out 5-6 days a week, so we headed over to the Fairgrounds and came up with something off the top of our head.  It ended up being a nice MetCon with a fun Halloween Warm-up, even though we didn’t chase any bunnies around the fairgrounds.

Workout 7 am New You
28 minute EMOM
Straight leg situps
10 Wall Balls
Dragonfly/Toes to Kettlebell

Workout 4:30 pm
Halloween Warmup (Howling half-mile, ghostly glute bridges, Boogie man burpees, scary sea stars, spooky step-ups, poltergeist pass-throughs, goblin squats)
Messed around with Cable machine
MetCon with various exercises and jump rope

Lunch- Fish cakes (way better than it sounds)
Dinner- tried the fish with Macadamia nut salsa- was not very tasty

ZooFit Tip- Have fun with your workout and it won’t feel so much like work.  If you are dreading the workout, change things up.  If conditions change and force you to reconsider your original idea, have a back-up plan (or two) to fall back on.  I always carry workout cards I write up on postcards wherever I go, because you never know when you have a perfect opportunity to workout, or when you might need to pull an idea for a workout out of thin air.

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