New Reminder Why We Live on Whidbey Island

My husband and I try to leave Whidbey Island as infrequently as possible.  Well, I try more than he does, but we did agree to venture out to the mainland once a month so he can attend a live drawing session at Gage Academy, and I can go either grocery shopping or mainland shopping to get things we don’t have easy access to on the island.  But even though there are definite perks to visiting Seattle, Chris and I have come to refer to our weekend outings over the ferry as “Our monthly reminder for why we live on Whidbey Island”. This month, we were able to add a new reason to prefer island life: the chances of running over a ladder are significantly lower on Whidbey Island. 

That’s right, I said “running over a LADDER”. Out of pure bad luck, and of no one’s fault but whoever dropped their ladder in the first place, Chris accidentally ran the Prius over an aluminum extension ladder that was just laying in the middle of the highway.  Of course, because the Prius rides so low to the road, it didn’t jut glide over the ladder, oh no, my beautiful hybrid picked it up and scraped it across the interstate. So, Chris pulled over as quickly as possible and while we were able to free the ladder from under the car, the plastic undercarriage was ripped up.  So, for the remainder of our day, whenever we slowed down below 25 mph, we would hear the plastic grating against the road.  Such a pleasant city sound!  So, that is definitely going on my “to do” list for this week- get car looked at and fixed.

But the trip over was at least fruitful. Chris was able to attend his live drawing and catch up with a friend at the same time.  I hit several grocery stores, and got nearly my entire shopping list off clearance shelves. I got a huge bison steak, and a few salad mixes, as well as chicken, fish, and (locally made) sausages on sale.  My big score for the day was stopping by Super Supplements and finding a whole box of Kind Bars 50% off retail price, plus I received a members’ discount, plus I used a 20% coupon, and ended up with 12 Kind Bars for only $8!

I still got our workout done early in the day.  We did Wendler Deadlift today, but our arms are sooooo super sore from yesterday’s Press and Negative Pull-ups! Opening doors defeated me today….
Anyways, Wendler Deadlift (5, 5, 5+)
10 minute EMOM of 15 Kettlebell swings, American, 35 lbs
Tabata- Inchworms
Step ups
Pike push-ups
Lateral Walk

Breakfast- a little lazy, had just a protein bar
Lunch- finished off the Pumpkin Curry from last night
Dinner- Ate out at Veggie Grill in Seattle.  All vegan cuisine. Had the “buffalo chicken” wrap and zucchini soup.
Night snack- still have some of Progenex Cocoon Chocolate.  Not my favorite but it’s supposed to help my muscles recover a bit from strenuous exercise, which apparently I’ve done quite a bit….

ZooFit Tip- Grocery shopping is an ALL DAY activity for me, because I read the heck out of labels, look for bargains, and visit several stores to find the best deals. How can you make grocery shopping benefit your fitness and wellness goals?  Well, several things can help, but just for today, I’ll tell you about an easy method to perusing the supermarket- stay on the outer perimeter of the store.  The outer perimeter has most of the whole foods- the produce, meats, and if you eat dairy, your milks and yogurts are along the perimeter.  All your processed foods are in the center aisles. Some good items can be found in the inner aisles, like your spices, tea/coffee, and you know, health, beauty, and pet products (please feed your cat, don’t starve him because their food isn’t along the outer perimeter),, but for the most part, if you gather everything you need from the outer aisles, and THEN visit the center aisles, you will choose healthier, more wholesome foods.

I will say I am happy to be back on island time.  Driving in Seattle is for crazy folks!

See you in health!

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  1. It was scary but no one was hurt, so that was a good thing. I like to think that we did a good thing by running over that ladder “safely” because someone could have swerved and caused a huge wreck on I5, someone could have gotten hurt. So maybe, we saved someone from a horrible alternate future. 🙂

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