New Kind of Lazy

Thursday is currently our scheduled “off-day”, not because we don’t have a desire to work out 7 days a week, but because Thursdays are typically my busiest day.  I have either Writing Co-Works or Critique Group each week, not to mention where we typically work out has a class at 5 pm, so Thursdays don’t normally work well to have a full Wendler/MetCon scheduled.  So, this means Thursdays are my “lazy day”, right?  Well, I guess I am starting to experience a new kind of lazy.

I started incorporating my Reward Card system for logging meals, snacking, and eating habits in general.  I have three cards set up.  One is for drinking a full glass of water or cup of tea before any meal, including (and by including I mean, especially) snacks. This helps slow my impulse of eating and increases my water intake all in one go! reward-cardAnother is for logging my meals BEFORE I eat it. This habit will help me keep track of my intake throughout the day, not logging it all at the end of the day like I normally do. When I wait until the end of the day, I find I usually don’t just go over my calories, but I go WAY over my calories. The last punch card is for food prepping and portioning out snacks/meals. I am using an obscene amount of containers, but I am hoping this habit will help me eat more appropriate portions of snacks and meals, and not just devour the entirety of a container because it’s there.  I tried this with my Paleo Trail Mix, and it seems to work pretty good so far.

I’m making some fun things for CrossFit’s Family Halloween Event tomorrow evening.  I’m making Paleo apple butter, Pumpkin Muffins, and possibly some protein bars.  I also need to create the family fun workout with Halloween themed exercises that kids and adults can do together. I always have fun doing these kinds of things, though, so while it’s “work”, it certainly doesn’t feel that way.

And right now, while my apple butter simmers in a crock pot, I am surrounded by my North Sound Writing Community at the Captain Whidbey Inn Co-works…and I’m in my pajamas.  That’s right.  I’m having a pajamas in public type of day, and I just don’t care! I’m claiming it’s my “costume” but let’s be honest, this is just a new kind of lazy that only a crazy writing group could ever accept!  I’m finishing this post, and then I’m working on a slew of other projects, or maybe at least try to whittle down my “to-write” list.

So, no workout.  Next month may change our Thursday routine.  We’ll see.

Breakfast- pumpkin muffin
Lunch- leftover stew
Dinner- pork chops with Apple Butter

ZooFit Tip- create your own punch card to keep track of developing healthy habits.  It can be any kind of “punch card” you would like- a business card (easy to carry with you wherever you go), a checklist, or even a children’s progress chart.  img_6506Who says keeping track of your progress is just for kids?  Zookeepers and animal trainers keep track of their animals’ progress, but it’s not nearly as fun as us keeping track of our own personal progress! Maybe this is why trainers dream of having their animals take care of their own records!14581579_10157551598275717_2691834025017257857_n


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