New Ideas Flowing

I had quite the productive day today.  It was all about writing and I definitely got some great feedback and some new ideas for writing.  I attended a great workshop put on by friends of mine, Tom Trimbath and Jo Meador, and got some great ideas flowing.  We discussed writing exercises to help jump start writing, the editing process, writing for the internet and social media, and delved into the world of self-publishing.

Attending workshops is more than just gaining information, it’s about finding new inspirations, and sharing new ideas with others.  For me, whenever I attend classes and introduce myself and my projects, I am reaffirmed and rejuvenated in my motivation to get my books DONE!  It IS an interesting topic, and not many people are showing the world how they can get fit AND save the planet.  In fact, I honestly may be the only person that’s doing it.  So, I have something incredible to share.  I just need to GET ‘ER DONE!

I did get a lot done writing today, but partly because I cheated.  I’m at the part of my book that I’ve written nearly 5 times, so I honestly just copy and pasted most of the parts, editing a little as I went along.  Again, I’m trying to just get the book out onto my computer, so that it’s out of my head and I can go back and really clean it up starting in December.  So, instead of re-working on the section that has literally had me stuck for the past 3 months, I am breezing over it and moving on to the next section.  I’ll re-focus on it next month.

I did an interesting warm-up exercise this morning during the workshop.  What I found interesting was the first part of connecting several of our keywords together was distracting, but the next part brought me to my comfort zone and I made, you guessed it, A LIST.  My god, I love lists.  If I could write this whole book as a series of lists, this baby would have been done early last YEAR.  But it was a great way to get my brain thinking and flowing in a way I was comfortable and could get some clarity in my writing.  I really should use lists as warm ups more often.

I also wrote a poem.  Poetry isn’t my forte, but I didn’t mind this one.  Maybe I’m a poet and didn’t know it (no, I’m not).

Your mind
Your body
Your planet
Make a difference
In your life
Your community
Your actions
Be a hero
Create positive change
And save the world with your strength

Workout- late in the day, after my workshop
Wendler- Strict Press de-load (5, 5, 5)
100 pull-ups for time
Death by: Box jumps, TRX Mountain Climbers, and Goblet Squats

Breakfast- remainder of casserole
Lunch- Coconut curry soup
Dinner- Hot and Spicy chicken and roasted delicata squash
Snack- protein shake


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