New High

I’m pretty proud of myself today.  I achieved several accomplishments in my workouts, eating habits, and especially my writing habit.  It’s nice to reach new personal records, as it’s a natural high for me.

Writing warm-up: Winter Warrior Challenge Introduction draft- 1012 words

Nanowrimo words: 1146!

Workout- Wendler 1 rep max
Bench Press- 95 lbs (same as last time)
Back Squat- 55 lbs (increase of 20 lbs!)

Breakfast- STILL working on that breakfast casserole.  It’s good, but damn!
Lunch- leftover crockpot pork from Tuesday dinner
Dinner- Ground turkey tacos with pinto beans

ZooFit tip: Celebrate even the smallest of successes.  It’s the small battles that often add up and win wars.

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