New Goals

I am working on forming a solid writing habit.  My starting goal is only 500 words a day on my book.  I am meeting that goal, but I’m actually somewhat disappointed that I’m not crushing it.  I am not counting my journal/warm-up exercises, or my blog posts in my word count each day.  Maybe if I added all these up, I’d be pretty impressed.  I am writing more than I feel I’ve ever written in my life.  That’s saying something.  I just need to keep the momentum going and stay strong.  If 500 is all I can muster for my book each day, then so be it!

I wrote my warm-up/journal exercise in my notebook today.  It was actually pretty long, as I was supposed to describe myself as a character so someone who may not know me could pick me out.  It was definitely harder than I anticipated, as I honestly despise talking about myself.  That should definitely have been included in my character description…unnamed-3










7 am New You Ladies
28 minute EMOM
OH Squats
Row machine
Ring rows
Farmers Carry

4 pm Wendler- Deload Back Squat
100 step-ups for time
Death By: Sit-ups, pull-ups, and Everest Climbers

Breakfast: still working on that breakfast casserole I made
Snacks: Mixed nuts and raisins, apple
Dinner: Chicken wings with barbecue

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