New Decisions

I’m trying to load up my “social” calendar to the brink of insanity again.  I thrive on biting off more than I can chew, mainly because I have so many “brilliant” ideas swirling around in this noggin of mine, I have to let them loose once in a while.  Only, when I do, it’s usually in the capacity of committing to follow through.  Yikes.

Thinking of starting a new Fitness challenge right after the New You Challenge is finished, right after Thanksgiving and going through until just before Christmas.  We are thinking of calling it “Winter Warrior”, and will include group training sessions, one personal training session, weekly nutritional seminars, and an end of challenge finale celebration.

My parents want me to visit for Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or New Years, or sometime.  If I get as busy as I’m thinking, I won’t have time to visit. I want to commit to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in a way I haven’t before.  While I’m not working on a novel, per se, I want to finish, and I mean completely finish my first full draft of “Zookeeper’s Guide to Fitness” in November. December, January, and February can be used to edit and fine tune, but I want it DONE and all my thoughts, jumbled as they may be, out of my head and onto some paper by the end of November.

The end of January is offering a difficult opportunity that I can’t decide if I want to pursue or not. There’s an “animal training” conference in Portland put on by Karen Pryor’s company, and featuring some big names in animal training, including Ken Ramierez, Susan Friedman, and Kathy Sdao. It would be amazing and awesome to bring my manuscript to them, have them give me some input, and possibly attend a couple relevant classes in the process. Only, it costs $600, I’m not guaranteed one on one interactions with ANY of these animal behavior superstars, and there’s only 2 or 3 classes out of 80 being offered that I am remotely interested in attending. So I have to decide if this opportunity is the right one for me.

There’s also an Animal Behavior conference held by the Animal Behavior Management Alliance in Cincinnati.  The entire conference costs less than the Clicker Expo in Portland, and I might have an opportunity to either present or sell my book (if I get it edited and ready to publish in that frame of time).  But it’s in Ohio, and getting there, hotel, and food might get expensive.  We are already preparing for me to go to national AAZK and AZA at the end of August through mid-September in DC and Indianapolis. Would it really be that much of a benefit for me to go to Cincinnati?  Another big decision to make there.

One decision I should make that would potentially help in all my others is to up my game in working out.  We finished Week 2 of Wendler, and yeah, my muscles are getting sore, in a good way, but I still feel a lot of anxiety and overwhelming feelings, which is frustrating.  I think a good dose of daily kick-ass cardio would do me a world of good, help me feel better about myself, and give me the mental clarity I need to make the right decisions for me, my health, and my ambitions.

Workout- 10 am
Wendler Deadlift (3, 3, 3+)
21-15-9 Good mornings and GHD sit-ups
Time Ladder- Everest Climbers, Bicycle Crunches, and Bicep curls

Breakfast- Sweet potato hash
Lunch- Tuna Sloppy Joes
Dinner- pork chops with homemade apple butter

ZooFit Tip: Considering my mindset is about as scattered as you can get, I feel I’ve got nothing to offer but the ramblings of a lunatic.  Have fun with that!

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