Minute Man Workout

Chris and I kicked off our workout today with a quick 10 minute partner AMRAP with med ball lunges, Russian twists, and plank hi-fives.  I also wanted to try out a new workout I came up with I like to call the Minute Man.  For this workout, you simply do a man-maker at the top of the minute for however many minutes you want to do your workout, and then finish each minute with different various exercises.

So our Minute Man WOD looked a little like this

  • Minute 1: Man-maker followed by Push-ups
  • Minute 2: Man-maker followed by Lunges
  • Minute 3: Man-maker followed by Medicine ball squats
  • Minute 4: Man-maker followed by Frog jumps
  • Minute 5: Man-maker followed by Russian twists
  • Minute 6: Man-maker followed by Ball “slams”
  • Minute 7: Man-maker followed by a Plank hold
  • Minute 8: Man-maker followed by Lateral lunges
  • Minute 9: Man-maker followed by Fire hydrants
  • Minute 10: Man-maker followed by Step-ups
  • Minute 11: Man-maker followed by Good mornings
  • Minute 12: Man-maker followed by Squats
  • Minute 13: Full minute of Man-makers

For those not in the know, a Man-maker is the name given to a series of exercises that creates a dynamic challenge.  It does require dumbbells, at a challenging weight.  Squat down and jump your legs back, like in a burpee.  In the plank position, do a push-up followed by a dumbbell row, then another push-up and another row.  Jump feet back to a squat, hold weights and perform a squat clean and press.


Now, only doing 13 minutes of Minute Man was REALLY easy for us.  So, I am learning to up the ante for our workouts and make them more challenging.  If I do this again, which I think wouldn’t be a bad idea, I want to increase the time to 20-30 minutes.  I also will make the exercises we do each minute more challenging as well.  Plank holds, fire hydrants, and Good Mornings are easy rest exercises.  I think creating more cardio based exercises will make the Minute Man for challenging.

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  1. I liked the workout but I agree it could be harder. I was surprised at how much of the minute a man maker took up. Considering the transition time and the man maker at some points more than 20 seconds were already off the minute.

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